Designing Kids’room can be very different than designing a normal room. While a normal bedroom for an adult can require sophistication and chic designs, designing kids’ room can pose a unique challenge in itself. To ease this problem of yours, Asian Interiors is here to help!
Asian Interiors is a leading interior designing firm that specializes in 3D Art, furniture fixtures, civil work, and much more.
Let’s figure out how to design a Kids’ Bedroom:-

Bright Colors
designing kids' bedroom

Choose bright and peppy colors or patterns for the kids’ bedroom to keep the youthful vibe of the room intact. You can use your child’s favorite color too. Use these color themes on the bedsheets, rugs, and curtains. You can even introduce wallpapers with cartoon characters to make the children fall in love with their bedroom!

Smart Storage
designing kids' bedroom

Make use of space in the maximum way possible without overdoing it by hoarding unnecessary stuff. Be innovative with it. Make use of shelves and cupboards. You can even invest in a storage bed for extra storage. Allocate and organize different areas for different things. This can even help them inculcate the habit of returning things to where they took them from.

Rug that floor!

Rugs and Carpets can be a great addition to your kid’s bedroom. They can be soft matting for them to crawl and play on. Importantly, choose the removable ones so that they can be cleaned easily without much of a hassle.

Separate Work and Play Zones

Separate work and play zones. Try to introduce a study table which can be a place for the kids to study on. Make sure that the study table has enough shelves and drawers to store the kids’ books, stationery, and other study-related items. They can also have separate boxes and cupboards for their toys and board games. This segregation of work and play zones can help them become more organized.

Use pictures as décor

Childhood Pictures can be smartly used as décor. By doing this kids will remember they’re happy and memorable moments. To use pictures as décor, you can place them in traditional photo frames or trendy polaroid forms.


While you take the above tips into account, make sure you also take into account the interests and tastes of your child as that will enhance their interest and love for their room more. As it is also a room that they will be sleeping in, therefore try to incorporate soft lighting as well as make the room as cozy as possible.
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