Have you ever moved into a new place and realised the space is much smaller then it seemed to be when you were first viewing the house? A bummer, right?

Well you don’t have to worry much because there are plenty of things that you can do to make your space appear larger than it actually is. In order to do that Asian Interiors has curated a list just for you!
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Let’s get started with tips to make a room look bigger!

Let go of the clutter
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Letting go of unnecessary clutter present in your house and keeping your room neat and tidy can help in the place not feeling cramped. Try to keep the room clutter-free by only keeping items which are necessary and organizing things properly. This rule also firmly applies to your walls and floors as excessive use of rugs or mats on the floor and extreme use of posters and picture frames on your walls can create the illusion that your room is smaller than it actually is.

Lighting is the Key
tips to make a room look bigger

The lighting of your room can easily be used to your advantage. Get creative with the lighting of the room by either using natural light or artificial lighting solutions. Open up those windows and avoid the use of heavy curtains. With the room well lit, it will easily give an illusion that your room is larger.

Be picky with colours
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Opt for lighter hues such as off white to make the room look more airy. Lighter colours make the room appear much bigger than darker colours which absorb light and make the room appear much smaller.

Mirrors never lie
tips to make a room look bigger
Try adding mirrors to the room’s decor. The use of lighting in the above mentioned point can be amplified with the use of mirrors making the room look more spacious.

Using the right kind of furniture
tips to make room look bigger

Using the right kind of furniture is essential to make your room look bigger. Multi purpose furniture can be the way to go . These kinds of furniture will require less space and make the room clutter-free too. Sizing and arrangement of these furniture also matter. The bulkier the furniture is, the more space it’ll take. Therefore, try to find solutions such as folding tables which can be put away after use and do not require too much of your space.

Parting Words
Well, there you have it! Incorporating the above mentioned tips to make a room look bigger can definitely elevate the looks and sizing of your rooms. If you’re still anxious, don’t worry because Asian Interiors is just call away!

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