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    Ceilings are an Important Part of Your House

    Ceiling is the largest untapped space in many of the Indian households. House owners simply just forget about it and it can majorly dampen the aesthetics of their house.

    Apart from being sturdy and strong, Ceilings also play an integral part in uplifting the beauty of your house.

    To accommodate these growing demands, false ceilings are the latest trends that many interior designers like Asian Interiors are suggesting to home owners.

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    Before digging deep, let’s figure out

    What is a False Ceiling?

    A false ceiling, also known as a drop ceiling is the second ceiling hung below the main ceiling through wooden or metal frames. These ceilings are crafted out of various materials which include Wood, Plaster of Paris (PoP), Gypsum etc.

    Now, you may wonder what is the point of having a second ceiling? You don’t have to look too far for answers.  Just scroll below!


    Benefits of False Ceilings

    1. Easy to Install

    False ceiling can be easily installed by a professional and they are easily removable too.


    1. Lighting Options

    False ceilings give us better lighting options. They provide us with the option of installing LED lights within the ceilings which overall uplift the aesthetics of the house. LED lights work well up to several years and also have the option of dimming and brightening according to our needs, creating a house which is more suited to our tastes.



    1. Pleasing to the eyes

    False Ceilings are extremely pleasing to the eyes. They can also hide electrical wiring and pipe work, making the ceiling look clutter free and neat.


    1. Sound Absorption


    False ceiling also reduces unpleasant noise as it is designed in such a way that it absorbs the  unnecessary noise, making your house comfortable to your sensitive ears.


    1. Lowering Electricity Consumption

     False ceiling can also help in maintaining the indoor temperature of the house. By reducing space in the ceiling, it helps in air conditioning of the room in summers and also provides heat insulation during winters.


    1. Easy on the Pocket

    The panels of false ceilings can be easily repaired, in case of renovation. In addition to this, False ceilings are of removable nature therefore, they can be easily changed in case of damages.


    Parting Words

    Ceilings are a part of the house which are easily noticed by the guests. It has the potential of turning out to be a major eye-sore if not taken care of properly. But you don’t have to worry, since Asian Interiors is right by your side! Upgrade your living space with Asian Interiors.

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