Lighting is a very important part of any house. Whether it is natural or artificial, lighting should make a positive impact on your house and compliment your space in the best way possible.

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In order to help you finalize the lighting options for your house, we have brought to you a few lighting tips.
Let’s get started!

Living Room and Dining Rooms
lighting tips

Living rooms and dining rooms are probably the most used rooms in Indian households. These are the rooms in which the family gathers usually for different types of activities such as watching television or eating food. With the rooms you use often, the need for brightness and ambient lighting becomes important. The lighting tips here would include:-
1.LED lights in the false ceilings as well as normal tube lights can create a similar effect.
2.Accent lighting can also be used which can be incorporated within the shelves of a bookshelf or a showcase cupboard.
3.Table lamps as well as floor lamps can be used to reduce eye strain while reading a book or watching the television.
4.A chandelier too can be incorporated in the houses lighting system which can overall exude a luxurious vibe.

lighting tips

Like the living room, the kitchen also requires bright lighting as the main focus is on the cooking and cleaning tasks.
1.Try installing artificial lights in places that do not create shadows against the stove or the sink as the obstruction of shadow can be problematic while doing work.
2.Consider adding under cabinet artificial lighting fixtures to your kitchen so that you can reduce your reliance on overhead lighting options.

Master Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place where you rest and rejuvenate. Therefore, the lighting there should incorporate this cosy and light feeling to help you relax better.
1.Dimmers can be a great addition to your bedroom.
2.If you have a false ceiling, consider asking your interior designer to install concealed cove lighting to create suitable lighting for the night time.
3.Opt for warmer lights.
4.Like living rooms, you can also incorporate desk lamps and floor lamps as well as accent lighting if you have a bookshelf in your room.
5.If you have a mirror in your room consider adding bright lights such as vanity lights around it so that it can be used to the fullest and to the best of its ability.

Kid’s Room

Unlike the master bedroom, the kids room requires a brighter lighting plan.
1. Incorporate a night light to ensure that your child is sound asleep without being scared of the dark.
2.You can also add fun elements such as glow in the dark stickers and fairylights to your child’s room.
3.Desk lamps are also a necessity for the children’s study tables.
4.Try taking the advantage of natural light in the children’s room as much as possible.

Bathrooms do not require harsh lighting opposed to popular belief. The lighting tips here would be:-
1.A simple ceiling light can help you illuminate the bathroom well.
2.For the mirror in your bathroom, consider adding vanity lights.
3.Avoid overhead lighting as they can cast shadows.

Well there you have it! We hope that you like the blog and are willing to incorporate a few of the tips that we suggested. If you need any help regarding your homes contact us.

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