Designing your space can be an extremely exciting but an overwhelming task to do. Drawing inspiration from different aesthetics, mood boards, decor videos and shops can only get you long way. Thus, it is always suggested to hire a professional help to minimise the possibility of mistakes and upgrade your house.

It is also important to understand which help to choose from : an Interior Designer or a Carpenter. There is always confusion on whether a Interior Designer is worth all your money, or whether they’ll be truly beneficial for designing your space than a carpenter who’ll do it for much cheaper.

To make it easier for you, Asian Interiors have brought to you this blog.

Asian Interiors is the top interior designing company in Kolkata. We specialise in creating a luxury interior for your homes! From Modular Kitchens to 3D designs, we’ve got it all!

Let’s find out whether you should hire an Interior Designer or a Carpenter!

  1. Expertise

Interior Designers are professionally trained for years where they develop the ability to think of a project and execute it properly. With hiring an interior designer you will see feasible ideas come to life since they are skilled and know all the stages of designing and hence, minimising the risk of any designing mishaps.


  1. Work in your Budget

People always assume that designing your house can burn a whole through your pocket. However, this is not true. Hiring an interior designer can help as they can work within your budget and save your time and effort. They are trained to know and understand what and where to use their resources. They also save money as they minimise mistakes that can be made by carpenters due to their lack of expertise.


  1. Abundant and Diverse Range of Ideas

Carpenters do what they are told. Therefore, the ideas are limited to you. However, an Interior Designer can bring unexpected ideas. They will recognise the potential of your house and suggest potential solutions to your problems.


  1. Availability of Resources

There are several of tools and resources that won’t be available with the carpenter. That’s where, an  Interior Designer comes in. They have access to  things such as light fixtures, 3D art, fabrics, furniture fixtures etc. which can make your space look authentic, balanced and collected


  1. Providing Tips for Amazing Spaces

Since Interior Designers are professionally trained, they know what they’re doing. They will give tips to uplift the aesthetic of your house. They will make error-free suggestions and deliver high quality work.


  1. Thinking Outside the Box

Interior Designers constantly think outside the box and therefore, can bring an authentic reflection of you in your space. They have the ability to transform your house into your dream living space.


Parting Words

It is safe to assume now that hiring an interior designer is better than hiring a carpenter.

Interior Designers like Asian Interiors have the ability to create exceptional spaces for exceptional people; be it a house or an office space.

Contact us to know more.

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