Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms of your house. You rest in it and wake up in it. It is room with high functionality and therefore can be extremely overwhelming to design. But, Asian Interiors is right by your side to help you!

Asian Interiors is the best interior designing company in Kolkata. We specialise in creating a luxury interior for your homes! From Modular Kitchens to 3D designs, we’ve got it all!

Asian Interiors realizes how nerve-wrecking it can be to pick out styles for your homes which are beautiful, exceptional and a true reflection of you. Therefore, we are here with decor tips for your bedroom. Let’s get started!


  1. Easy on the Eyes

Since you’re bedroom is usually a place for you to relax and rest, a pop of color on the walls would be an eyesore, right? Soothing colors and a palette of neutral colors like whites and grays would be  a good option. Such pigments will be easy on your eyes and help you rest easy!


  1. Introduce other soft elements

Your bedroom’s focal point is obviously going to your bed. However, introducing other elements such window curtains, drapes, and table lamps can easily elevate the mood of your bedroom. Distributing such elements throughout your room would ‘balance’ out your room well.


  1. Pay attention to your Ceiling

Ceiling is an integral part of your house that often gets overlooked. Decorating it a great idea since it is the largest cleanest surface of the house! Asian Interiors excels in decorating every part of your house including the ceiling too!


  1. Mindful Space


Apart from using softer elements to decorate your bedroom, it is extremely important to also not clutter your bedroom. It’ll be a bummer that your bedroom is filled overfilled. Your bedroom should be a comfortable place for you so overfilling it

  1. Soft Lighting

Although, lighting is necessary for every room. Lighting can also used for aesthetic purposes as well. Softer lighting can be an add-on to the cozy theme of your bedroom and be ideal for late-night as well morning settings too.


  1. Curate your personal taste

Most important of all, create a style that is a reflection of you! Your bedroom should be tailored to your needs. While decorating, often ask yourself what appeals to you and what doesn’t. Set up a space that can make you feel truly rested and at peace.



With these tips together, you have a great chance of creating a great bedroom!

As much as it is a good idea to decorate your room yourself, it’s not a bad idea to ask for advice from expert, Asian Interiors has got your back! Reach out to us anytime!

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