Beyond aesthetic purposes, functionality and safety are the two most important factors behind hiring an interior designer. For instance, modular kitchens are trendy because they utilize every corner available, keeping safety in mind.

A modular kitchen is generally factory-made and can be personalized according to the homeowner’s requirements. So, while choosing an interior design company for your modular kitchen, discuss with them the size, layout of the area allocated to the kitchen, style preference, colour, material, and most importantly, the number of cupboards and cabinets. These factors also decide the cost.

Choosing an interior design company for a modular kitchen in Kolkata is challenging. Here we will discuss some factors of the modular kitchen that will help you select the perfect interior design company.

Factors to consider when choosing interior design company for modular kitchen

The Golden Triangle Rule

The golden triangle affects the efficiency of the kitchen. The golden triangle is a logical arrangement of the stove, refrigerator, and sink that helps reduce misused steps in the kitchen. Placing your stove and refrigerator opposite each other with the sink in the centre – forming a tentative triangle is an excellent way to maximize space. This will help you to utilize your available space efficiently.

Use of Low maintenance material

Remember that you will need to keep the kitchen in good condition for the long run. Using low-maintenance materials like wood or glass for cabinets, stainless sinks, and marble kitchen countertops can help the overall look of your modular kitchen stay looking fresh for a long time. The modular kitchen in Kolkata is a great way to increase functionality and convenience in your kitchen. Low Maintaining materials will make your work easy.


Make sure that the kitchen has adequate ventilation. Most kitchens have an exhaust fan or chimney to vent out the frying fumes. Ideally, a door should be installed that opens out to a balcony or the washing area in the kitchen. This can allow fresh air to come in and help ensure that the smoke from cooking doesn’t accumulate inside your house. Without proper ventilation, your cooking space can become smelly, making it challenging to complete your household tasks with ease in a modular kitchen in Kolkata.

Kitchen Lighting

The natural light streaming through the window can help to lighten up your kitchen. However, ensure that there is excellent Lighting in the kitchen for both evening and nighttime scenes. Under-cabinet lights are becoming increasingly popular as they provide direct light on the countertop. One of the great things about great Lighting is that it can set the mood. The right light will assist in the kitchen’s safety, cleanliness, and visibility, ensuring you have all you need to get the job done. 

Safety measure

Regarding the kitchen, safety is one of the most important things to consider. It’s always important to consider all the different ways to make your kitchen safe, whether it be through safe gas piping or curved countertops edges. Make sure your flooring is slip-resistant to ensure a safe and comfortable workspace. Child-safe locks are a great way to prevent unwanted opening and closing of cupboards. 

Concluding note

Planning your kitchen interiors becomes more complicated than just picking the colour of the walls, cabinets, or appliances you need daily. Planning your kitchen interior requires taking into account desired tone and functionality. Hence, choosing the best interior design company for a modular kitchen in Kolkata is also important.

At Asian Interior, we curated kitchen designs that perfectly combine functionality, beauty, and safety. Different kitchen interior designs can evoke a professional or relaxing tone. All of our kitchen designs can be tailored to fit your budget and existing space.

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