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    What is a MODULAR KITCHEN?

    Modular Kitchen the term that we use for a modern kitchen furniture arrangement that consists of several modules and cabinets for organised storage and looks. In general it consists of several units, drawers, shelves and has different arrangement for different kitchen utensils. The units, which are built on the floor are called floor units or also floor cabinets and those shelves which occupy space totally on the wall are called wall units or wall cabinets. For effective storing several modern and hi-tech fittings are also being used. The base top is made of marble granite or wood and the rest of the cabinets are made of wood or plywood and in some cases it also consists of a built-in oven as well.

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    Kitchen is one of the most essential parts of any house. It has to be well organised and staffed with all the modern amenities. Tough in most of the scenarios we can not afford much area to build a kitchen. So the modular kitchen design has to be smart. Apart from containing all the essentials, the overall look of your kitchen also needs to be balanced with the rest of the house. The kitchen should have spaces for all the modern kitchen utilities such as refrigerators, kitchen chimneys, microwave oven, dish-washer, induction, coffee maker and the list goes on. Kitchen is also a kind of storeroom with lots of packets, boxes and utensils. You need a totally organised place to store them properly. A modular kitchen not only makes your organizing job easier also gives your kitchen a fantastic look.

    Efficient storage

    Full space utilization

    Can be personalized

    Saves space


    Clean and beautiful appearance

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    Don’t get yourself fooled by a kitchen that looks exactly the same as a modular kitchen. That can be a semi-modular kitchen. There is obviously a difference between a modular kitchen and a semi-modular kitchen. The basic difference is that you simply can dismantle the whole set up and fix it in another place. For example, you bought a house and like most of the builders, your builder also gives you the kitchen space with a marble or granite slab platform, which is built by a civil worker. Now, you add shutter, trolleys, cabinets using the existing platform. In case you move to another place you can dismantle the cabinets, shutter and trolleys and set up them in the new kitchen. But what if the dimension does not match with the marble platform of the new house. In this case all of the money and effort drained off if your shift to another place.

    But you can dismantle the whole set up of a modular kitchen to another place. A modular kitchen does not involve any civil work. Just help us with all the electrical and plumbing points, we will give you a fully modular kitchen, which is portable as well.

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