The most frequently used room in any house is the kitchen. Therefore, we must take extra care to keep it tidy. Additionally, it’s crucial to focus on the kitchen’s functionality and aesthetics. The Modular Kitchen was a solution offered by various interior design firms.

Kitchen cupboards, drawers, and other discrete parts can be grouped into sub-assemblies or individual components that can be combined and configured into a single, comprehensive system in modular kitchen design. In order to simulate efficiency and flexibility at the installation site, modular designs, which cater to a range of customer needs, begin the breakdown of complex systems into simple units.

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to make your kitchen a space that seamlessly combines functionality and beauty. This in-depth guide will help you find the best modular kitchen company in Kolkata that fits your needs, goals, and vision by navigating Kolkata’s busy cityscape.

Research and Shortlisting

The vibrant city of Kolkata offers a plethora of options when it comes to modular kitchen companies. Research online, read reviews and enquire for recommendations from friends and family who have undertaken similar projects. Shortlist some of the best modular kitchen company in Kolkata that consistently receive positive feedback for their quality, craftsmanship, and customer service.

Check Portfolios

Once you have a list of potential companies, delve into their portfolios. Look for projects that resonate with your design preferences. A diverse portfolio showcasing various styles will indicate the company’s versatility and ability to cater to your unique taste.

Quality and Materials

Asian Interior emphasizes the utilization of natural materials, intricate detailing, and durability. When evaluating modular kitchen companies, inquire about the materials they utilize for cabinets, countertops, and hardware. Solid wood and bamboo are commonly favored materials that exude elegance and authenticity.

Customization Options

Asian Interior often incorporate intricate detailing and personalized touches. Ensure that the modular kitchen company offers customization options that align with your vision. From cabinet designs to storage solutions, the best modular kitchen company in Kolkata should be willing to adapt to your specific needs.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is at the heart of Asian Interior. Visit our showrooms as well as the other shortlisted companies to assess the quality of the work firsthand. Examine the joinery, finishes, and overall attention to detail in their kitchen displays. Skilled craftsmanship will ensure that your kitchen is a masterpiece in itself.

Innovative Design Solutions

While honoring traditional design elements, a truly exceptional modular kitchen company will therefore infuse innovative design solutions. Look for the best modular kitchen company in Kolkata that seamlessly blends modern functionality with cultural aesthetics, creating a kitchen that is both timeless and practical.

Client Testimonials

Reach out to previous clients of the modular kitchen companies on your list. Their firsthand experiences will provide insights into the company’s reliability, communication, and after-sales service. A company like Asian Interior, that nurtures lasting relationships with its clients is more likely to prioritize your satisfaction.

Consultation and Communication

Schedule consultations with the final contenders on your list. Pay attention to their willingness to listen, understand your vision, and provide creative solutions. Effective communication is crucial for a successful collaboration that brings your dream kitchen to life.

Final Decision

After careful consideration of all the factors, make an informed decision that aligns with your vision, behavior, and preferences. Remember that your modular kitchen is an investment that will enrich your daily life for years to come.

In the enchanting world of interior design, your kitchen is the heart that nourishes both body and soul. By following this guide, you’re well-equipped to select the best modular kitchen company in Kolkata, one that will transform your vision into a captivating reality. 

Every design project has the potential to transform a drab space into a spectacle, whether it be a quick update of a kitchen to a modular kitchen or a complete makeover. Working with an interior design company can help you achieve your desired aesthetic and bring a fresh perspective while saving you time, money and energy.

In this digital era, it may look easy to design an interior. Anyone can derive ideas from social sites and implement those ideas while painting a house. But in reality, Interior design is a science that needs an artist to understand the concept of measurement and knowledge to implement those concepts. The process is difficult, from choosing suitable materials to delivering them to the job site. Here is where we come in.

Let’s take a look at what to anticipate throughout the entire process of working with home decor companies in Kolkata

Initial Consultation

Making a list of potential interior designers and discovering more about them through a discovery call is the first step in the interior design process. The first meeting is the ideal time for you and the interior designer to assess whether working together will be a good fit.

 A good designer should be able to incorporate your personality into their design concepts easily. Modular kitchen design in Kolkata helps manage and maximize the kitchen space, whether large or small. Though style is a deciding factor, it’s critical to keep in mind that they should consider design principles like balance, rhythm and repetition, contrast, and proportion.

In Asian interiors, we try to communicate any specific cultural elements or design features that customers like to incorporate. 

Developing Design Concept

After the consultation is finished, the interior design firm will start developing a design concept. Their main objective is to comprehend your desired result based on a number of variables that an interior designer would evaluate in terms of implementation. 

In Asian Interior, we outline a design that includes the general design direction, colour scheme, materials, and furnishings. To help you visualize the result, we entail drawing sketches or 3D renderings of the suggested design of the entire room, including the modular kitchen design in Kolkata.

We also involve and present a comprehensive budget that lists the price of supplies, furniture, and any other costs associated with the project.

Execution and Construction

After the design concept has been finalized, the construction and execution phase will begin. The interior design company will begin implementing the plan, ordering materials and furnishings, and coordinating any necessary contractors. The interior design company prepares a detailed schedule of works, choreographing construction, installations and finishing in their proper sequence and may also work with local artisans to create custom pieces that incorporate design elements.

Installation and styling

As the project is about to be finished, the interior design company will concentrate on managing the installation of furniture, fixtures, and aesthetic components. They’ll fix all these things in such a way that the project finally achieves the desired aesthetic. The home decor companies in Kolkata will perform quality control and take care of any remaining issues. 


 It is unwise for anyone to believe that home decor companies in Kolkata are solely about creating aesthetically pleasing spaces. They create a space that is beautiful, comfortable, and functional through the use of color, light, furniture, etc. As a result, one of the main goals of interior design is the preservation and optimization of the available space. Even when there is plenty of space, bad design can prevent it from being utilized to its full potential.

 Asian Interiors follow fashion trends. In order to modernize and functionalize your home, we are current with recent advancements in architecture, design, and modular kitchen design in Kolkata and technology, such as energy-saving lighting, eco-friendly materials, and multipurpose furniture. The interior design service will work with you to realize your vision while taking into account comfort, aesthetics, durability, and budget.


As the food capital of India, Kolkata is a city that takes its kitchens seriously. The city’s gastronomic scene is diverse and exciting, from traditional dishes to modern fusion cuisine. When designing the kitchen for this food-loving city, Asian Interiors has become the popular option for homeowners looking to elevate their interiors.

Here we’ll take you through the various aspects of Asian Interior and its modular kitchen design in kolkata.

Understanding Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are pre-made kitchen units that can be assembled on-site. They are designed to maximize space utilization and offer functionality and convenience to the users. They are available in various designs and styles, making them suitable for every home.

Steps followed by Asian Interiors while Designing a Modular Kitchen in Kolkata

Designing a modular kitchen in Kolkata by Asian Interior is a three-step process: planning, execution, and finishing. 


The planning stage involves assessing the available space and identifying the user’s requirements. Having a clear conception of the layout and placement of the appliances, cabinets, and countertops is essential. The modular kitchen design in Kolkata should be such that it allows easy movement and accessibility.


The execution stage involves the installation of the modular units on-site. The cabinets, countertops, and appliances are assembled per the design plan. The electrical and plumbing connections are also set up at this stage.


The finishing stage involves adding the final touches to the kitchen, such as installing the handles, knobs, and other accessories. The kitchen is also painted or laminated as per the design.

Features of Modular Kitchen Designs That Make it Popular among Mass

Here we will explore the benefits of modular kitchen design in Kolkata and look at some key features of Asian Interiors that make their kitchens so popular.

Maximizing Space and Functionality

One of the key benefits of modular kitchen design is the ability to maximize space and functionality. This is especially important in a city like Kolkata, where space is at a premium. Modular kitchens are designed to fit seamlessly into any space, no matter how small or awkwardly shaped.

Modular kitchens consist of pre-made units that can be easily assembled on-site. These units include cabinets, drawers, shelves, and other storage options that can be customized to fit each homeowner’s specific needs. This means that even the smallest of kitchens can be optimized for maximum storage and functionality.

Customization and Personalization

Modular kitchens also offer a high degree of customization and personalization. Homeowners can choose from various materials, colors, and finishes to create a kitchen that reflects their style and tastes.

In Kolkata, Asian Interiors are a popular choice for Modular kitchens. They offer a range of options for homeowners looking to incorporate modular kitchen design elements into their kitchens. From bamboo finishes to sleek, minimalist designs, modular kitchens can be customized to fit any interior.

Ease of Maintenance

Another key advantage of modular kitchens is the ease of maintenance. The pre-made units are designed to be easily cleaned and maintained, making them ideal for busy homeowners who need more time or energy to devote to a high-maintenance kitchen.


Modular kitchens are also designed to be durable and long-lasting, meaning homeowners can enjoy their kitchens for years to come without worrying about costly repairs or replacements.


In conclusion, Asian Interior is an ideal choice for modular kitchen design in kolkata. The ability to maximize space and functionality, customize and personalize, and ease of maintenance make these kitchens a practical and stylish choice for homeowners in this vibrant and food-loving city.

So if you want to elevate your kitchen and create a functional and beautiful space, consider Asian interiors for your kitchen in Kolkata.

Beyond aesthetic purposes, functionality and safety are the two most important factors behind hiring an interior designer. For instance, modular kitchens are trendy because they utilize every corner available, keeping safety in mind.

A modular kitchen is generally factory-made and can be personalized according to the homeowner’s requirements. So, while choosing an interior design company for your modular kitchen, discuss with them the size, layout of the area allocated to the kitchen, style preference, colour, material, and most importantly, the number of cupboards and cabinets. These factors also decide the cost.

Choosing an interior design company for a modular kitchen in Kolkata is challenging. Here we will discuss some factors of the modular kitchen that will help you select the perfect interior design company.

Factors to consider when choosing interior design company for modular kitchen

The Golden Triangle Rule

The golden triangle affects the efficiency of the kitchen. The golden triangle is a logical arrangement of the stove, refrigerator, and sink that helps reduce misused steps in the kitchen. Placing your stove and refrigerator opposite each other with the sink in the centre – forming a tentative triangle is an excellent way to maximize space. This will help you to utilize your available space efficiently.

Use of Low maintenance material

Remember that you will need to keep the kitchen in good condition for the long run. Using low-maintenance materials like wood or glass for cabinets, stainless sinks, and marble kitchen countertops can help the overall look of your modular kitchen stay looking fresh for a long time. The modular kitchen in Kolkata is a great way to increase functionality and convenience in your kitchen. Low Maintaining materials will make your work easy.


Make sure that the kitchen has adequate ventilation. Most kitchens have an exhaust fan or chimney to vent out the frying fumes. Ideally, a door should be installed that opens out to a balcony or the washing area in the kitchen. This can allow fresh air to come in and help ensure that the smoke from cooking doesn’t accumulate inside your house. Without proper ventilation, your cooking space can become smelly, making it challenging to complete your household tasks with ease in a modular kitchen in Kolkata.

Kitchen Lighting

The natural light streaming through the window can help to lighten up your kitchen. However, ensure that there is excellent Lighting in the kitchen for both evening and nighttime scenes. Under-cabinet lights are becoming increasingly popular as they provide direct light on the countertop. One of the great things about great Lighting is that it can set the mood. The right light will assist in the kitchen’s safety, cleanliness, and visibility, ensuring you have all you need to get the job done. 

Safety measure

Regarding the kitchen, safety is one of the most important things to consider. It’s always important to consider all the different ways to make your kitchen safe, whether it be through safe gas piping or curved countertops edges. Make sure your flooring is slip-resistant to ensure a safe and comfortable workspace. Child-safe locks are a great way to prevent unwanted opening and closing of cupboards. 

Concluding note

Planning your kitchen interiors becomes more complicated than just picking the colour of the walls, cabinets, or appliances you need daily. Planning your kitchen interior requires taking into account desired tone and functionality. Hence, choosing the best interior design company for a modular kitchen in Kolkata is also important.

At Asian Interior, we curated kitchen designs that perfectly combine functionality, beauty, and safety. Different kitchen interior designs can evoke a professional or relaxing tone. All of our kitchen designs can be tailored to fit your budget and existing space.

Modular kitchens are becoming popular recently. It is an approach that involves the integration and configuration of different parts, such as kitchen cabinets, cupboards, drawers, etc., into a single, comprehensive system. Modular designs increase the efficiency and flexibility of the kitchen.

At Asian Interior, we combine efficiency, functionality, and aesthetics to offer homeowners individualized and effective home designs. Our interior designers can help you create a unique modular kitchen design in Kolkata, depending on the size of your kitchen that fits your lifestyle.

There are many reasons behind the popularity of modular kitchens. Do you still hold a normal kitchen and are confused about converting it? Here are the reasons you should transform your normal kitchen.

Give your kitchen a sleek and stylish look

The main advantage of a modular kitchen is that it can be modified to fit your kitchen’s size and aesthetic preferences while considering your needs, the amount of available space, and your budgetary restrictions. Every element of a modular kitchen offers various organizational options, as well as a number of cutting-edge accessories and modular cabinet designs that support the creation of a neat and comfortable kitchen corner. Utilising every square inch to its fullest potential the modular kitchens maximize their functionalities.

Get functional storage units

Another interesting feature of a modular kitchen design in Kolkata is that it saves space by allowing you to store everything neatly and efficiently. You can easily access even the most remote corners with the help of sliding drawers and storage shelves. Modular kitchen designs maximize every inch of available space, which is a big advantage in today’s tiny apartments, where space always matters. They are made to transform small spaces into functional shelves or pull-out cabinets for keeping spices. Modular kitchens are more organized. Additionally, you can easily alter the appearance of the modular kitchen by switching out the cabinets, cupboards, knobs, backsplash tiles, etc.

 Get an assembled and flexible kitchen

A modular kitchen gives you a more put-together appearance. It is simpler to put together a modular kitchen. Only a small amount of assembly is actually done on-site; the majority of the work is completed in the factory.

Modular kitchens’ main advantage is that they can be put together and taken apart easily. By replacing the cabinets, cupboards, knobs, backsplash tiles, etc., you can quickly change the look of the modular kitchen.

Easily maintainable

Cleaning the kitchen is a difficult task. However, because of the modular kitchen design in Kolkata and its smooth surface and detachable fittings, the modular kitchen is very simple to clean and maintain. A cabinet or drawer can be taken out and thoroughly cleaned inside and out before being put back in. This ensures that the kitchen will always be clean and hygienic. Countertops and cabinets made of materials that are easy to clean every day and resistant to stains are options. Any individual unit that needs to be repaired can also be taken apart, changed, and then put back together.

Concluding note

Small apartments require modular kitchen design in Kolkata because of the modern, fast-paced lifestyle. The amount of space designated for your kitchen would be insufficient for a typical kitchen. In terms of design, cost, and safety, modular kitchens are superior.

Call us if you’re still uncertain. If you have any questions about interior design, contact Asian Interiors. We take your preferred design tastes into account when recommending the best ways to complete the work. We have control over both the price and the level of quality. Our quotes include written warranties on products and services that are unique to this sector of the market.


Choosing the correct type of interior design company is a challenging task. Everybody wants a flawless design for their project because that costs a lot of money and becomes an integral part of their project once the procedure is complete. So, no mistake is acceptable.

Asian Interiors are aware of its customers’ concern. So, we never force you to judge the taste of our designs. We understand your design preferences and recommend what works best for you to get the job done the way you want. We control costs and control quality. Our quotes include written warranties on services and materials unique to this industry.

What types of services do Asian Interiors offer?

Best Interior design for Residential and commercial spaces

Our team of designers enables us to create beautiful design ideas according to customer demand. We are the best interior design company in Kolkata.

 We offer interior design ideas to give your home and retail space a new look. Explore unique interior design and trends that are as inspiring as they are practical.

At Asian Interior, we combine functionality and aesthetics to provide homeowners with individualized and effective home design.


At Asian Interiors, we offer a wide selection of affordable and trendy bedroom designs that you will love. Our carefully selected main bedroom designs come in various styles, colour schemes, and decorating ideas – all of which you can customize according to your taste.


At Asian Interior, we excel in designing modular kitchens – the perfect combination of functionality and style. Our selected designs range from simple kitchen designs to modern Modular kitchen  that we can customize to fit your space. We have methods to suit every shape: an L-shaped kitchen, a U-shaped kitchen, straight, parallel, or open plan.

Living Room

Uncover various living room interior designs and decorating ideas at Asian Interior. We offer you functional yet fashionable living room designs. From modular TVs to wall art and living room design walls, you’ll find all the inspiration you need to get started.

Kids Room

Transform your little one’s bedroom into the magical castle they’ve always dreamed of. And give wings to their imagination. We are here to fulfil all your child’s bedroom design needs and desires without compromising functionality and comfort. You can combine products and colours according to your preferences.

Discover a wide range of designs, living room interior designs, and decorating ideas at Livspace. We offer you individual, functional, and elegant living room designs. From modular TVs to wall art and living room design walls, you’ll find all the inspiration you need to get started. Design now and create a living room space that reflects your style.

What makes Asian interiors the best?

We create our designs depending on our client’s requirements. Asian Interiors smartly merge your ideas and needs and develop a strategy with your budget in mind. But what makes us the Best interior design company in Kolkata is our experience, affordability, reliability, professionalism, and punctuality.


With Asian, Interiors, enjoy the best experience of remodeling your residential and commercial space. It is now one decade, and Asian Interiors has completed many prestigious and prestigious projects and becomes the Best interior design company in Kolkata. We take great pleasure in meeting our customers’ expectations with our specialized designs.

Kitchens are an extremely important part of any household. However there are everyday problems that a homeowner goes through while having a traditional kitchen. These problems can be easily solved by a modular kitchen. Although having emerged recently, the concept of modular kitchen has taken houses all over the world by a storm. Modular kitchens are kitchen furniture which are basically constructed in modules such as drawers, shelves and cabinets. Modular kitchens have both high functionality and durability.

Want to learn more about modular kitchens and its benefits? You’ve come to the right place at Asian Interiors blog.
Asian Interiors is the top interior designing company in Kolkata. We are specialized modular kitchen designers in Kolkata! Apart from this, we also provide various services which range from interior designing to 3D designs and furniture fixtures.
Let’s find out the pros of having a modular kitchen-

Storage units that make sense
modular kitchen in Kolkata

Modular kitchen consists of shelves and cabinets which makes storage much more easier in the kitchen. With options such as utensils storage, pull out plate racks, and much more makes modular kitchens more storage friendly.

modular kitchen in Kolkata
Modular kitchens are made up of high grade material which is usually termite free and waterproof. These units are durable and last over a long period of time. This makes modular kitchens better in regard to traditional kitchens.

modular kitchen in Kolkata

One of the biggest advantages of such kitchens is that it is customizable. Therefore, it can be custom-made according to the aesthetic of your house. There are several options available in regards to design, colour, material used, textures etc. This makes modular kitchens more flexible with fitting right in your budget too.

Space is better utilised

The main purpose of having a modular kitchen is having a clutter free kitchen. Space is much better utilised in these types of kitchens through the availability of shelves and cabinets. The speciality of these kitchens are that they fit right into spaces, no matter how big or small, making them preferred by customers over traditional kitchens.

Sleek and Stylish

Apart from being highly functional and durable, modular kitchens are very sleek and stylish. These kitchens add class to your homes And since they are customised, they can also be tailor made to your needs.
Easy Maintenance and Replacement

Even the maintenance aspect of modular kitchens is easy to maintain. Since they are made from highly durable material, it is easy to clean them and maintain their upkeep. In case of severe damage, the damaged part can be easily replaced too without affecting the other parts.

Nowadays modular kitchens have become more common in Indian households than ever. They have deeply upgraded the lives of many homeowners.
Willing to enrich your cooking experience too?
Contact us at Asian Interiors!

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