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Things to Look for while Choosing between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator

If you are looking for a professional to help you with the interior of your home or office, finding the right one is a tricky job unto itself. For one reason, there are so many options with their individual body of work to choose from. For another, there is a discrete design lingo. Some are known as interior designers while others are considered as interior decorators. But what is the basic difference between these two?

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5 Interior Design Ideas To Boost Your Property’s Resale Value

Thinking about selling your property this year? Are you on the lookout for ways to ensure your house gets the highest resale value it deserves? Making your home more liveable, comfortable and functional by undergoing a renovation project can be a great way to increase your home’s resale value. Wondering how to make renovations which actually pay off? Read on to know more. Whether you are planning to sell a multi-storey house, a bungalow or

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Check The Latest Benefits Of Custom-Made Furniture Before Investing In One

Since the right furniture can enhance the visual appeal of any room drastically, the focus of every homeowner in Kolkata is always on choosing the best products for their house. Though there are numerous furniture suppliers scattered all over the city, the biggest challenge people have to face is to decide whether they should invest in custom-made furniture or opt for the ready-made variety. Though they both help in making your rooms beautiful, the custom-made

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Design Your Small Bathroom With The Best Interior Designing Company

Since the bathroom is a very vital room in every house, the focus of every homeowner is on finding the best interior designing company who can shoulder the responsibility of enhancing the functionality and beauty of the room. Unless the bathroom is aesthetically put together, you can’t set the right tone for the rest of your home. Though the design of a bathroom is so important, there are still a few people who have not

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Hire The Best Interior Designer & Give Your Home A Facelift This Winter

Do you wish to give your home the perfect makeover this New Year? Are you on the lookout for innovative home decor ideas which can enhance the curb appeal of your property? Hiring an interior designer can be the ideal way to give your home the much-needed facelift. No matter whether you want to spruce up your home’s interiors or wish to enhance the overall appeal of your house, hiring an interior designer can be

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Design Your Guest Room Easily With The Best Interior Designing Company

If you are willing to become the perfect host, the first thing you need to do is to ensure that the guest room has been designed with a focus on every minute detail. How you design this room will determine how your guests and family are welcomed into your home. A beautiful place to stay will not only make them feel comfortable but they will also feel at home. Since a beautiful guest room has

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Some Amazing Interior Design Trends for 2019

The coming year is going to be so bold. You are probably looking to set fresh resolution in this year. On the other hand, interior designers also look for their own refresh as the New Year is approaching. Certain hot 2018 trends, in terms of interior designs, are already completely over by now as told by best interior designing services in Kolkata.And here are the latest trends set by the leading interior designers for 2019.

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5 Tricks By A Interior Designing Company To Help You Design Dining Rooms

If you love dining rooms with high-end decor but don’t have sufficient budget to afford an expensive-looking dining room, start looking for an interior designing company with years of industry presence. Their experienced designers are aware of the fact that there is a huge difference between an expensive dining room and one which looks expensive. With them by your side, attaining a luxurious looking room with budgetary constraints will become a lot easier. They can

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How Can The Best Interior Designer Add Value To Your Property?

So, you were under the impression that interior designers can only beautify a house? Well, they can do much more. By incorporating the latest interior design trends, skilled designers and decorators can boost the value of your property significantly. Wondering about the ways experts can increase property value with interior design? All you need to do is take a look below to learn everything you need to know. Certain facets of interior design can affect

Enhance The Beauty Of Your Rooms With TV Cum Modular Storage Units

Though an experienced interior designing company can suggest numerous ideas to enhance the beauty of your rooms, one which has recently gained much popularity is the TV cum storage modular units. One of the primary benefits of investing in this growing trend is that you can enjoy clutter-free spaces in your bedroom, living room and kitchen even if you are living in a closely packed apartment. Just make sure that the furniture you are opting

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