Interior design is not an indulgence anymore. It has become part of our life. However, interior design is considered a business investment for commercial spaces. The interior design of any office or establishment directly impacts the views of your clients about your company. Interior design substantially affects people’s moods, attitudes, and perspectives.

Hence, interior design is a must for any business now. However, choose a reliable commercial interior designer in Kolkata if you want to make the process easier. They know how to curate an office space while fulfilling all your requirements. Here’s how they do the job:

Interior designers are professionals who know the art and science of interior design. They learn to mix aesthetics with functionality in the correct measure to make a positive vibe in your client’s mind.

They know how to attract the client’s attention: They provide leisure space: Data shows that a happy customer is 13% more productive. The commercial interior designer in Kolkata stresses making the working place comfortable so that the employees become more enthusiastic to do their job.

They help to enhance the lighting and space: Interior designers are specialized in using light to enhance the space. They use natural and artificial lighting to render the most attractive lighting solutions.

They ensure future growth: Commercial interior designers provide your commercial space with an aesthetic that pleases both your clients and employees, thus ensuring your future growth.

A commercial interior designer thus becomes a critical choice. Here we will discuss some factors you need to be sure of while choosing a professional commercial interior designer in Kolkata for your commercial space:


Experience always plays a huge part in choosing a commercial interior decorator. Interior design itself is an expensive investment. Then choose an expert designer who can meet your needs.


Once you decide to hire a commercial interior decorator, try to select the reputable one. Check out their websites, reviews, and rankings to get a feel for their work and customer service. Get referrals from friends and acquaintances.

Qualification and quality of work

When choosing a commercial interior designer, check the qualification. They should have a record. Checking qualifications alone is not enough; it is also essential to check the quality of the work and whether it meets your expectations. They need to understand how different elements affect their space.


The commercial interior designer must understand your needs and your preferred style. Designers can have their own distinctive style. If it matches yours, that’s okay. If not, they should match your needs. 


When choosing a commercial interior designer in Kolkata, remember that professionalism is an important quality of a commercial interior designer. Professionalism includes skill, good judgemental power, budget transparency, polite behavior, and meeting deadlines.

Their access to resources

Choosing an experienced and reputed interior designer ensures their access to better resources like good labor, multiple dealers, and exclusive quality material. Choosing an interior designing company with its own furniture factory will be profitable. Having good resources will ensure the best quality at the best price.


Budget is the most important thing to consider when choosing a commercial interior designer. Ask your designer about their pricing system. Setting a budget is important, but not sticking to it is. An additional 10% must be withheld.

Concluding note

Asian Interior is a leading commercial interior designer in Kolkata. We are 100% transparent about the quality of the materials, cost, and timelines. We believe in maintaining the deadline. In fact, we never miss the deadline. We don’t force you to like the taste of our designs. We understand your taste in design, and we will suggest the most suitable one do the job the way you want. We control costs and monitor quality. Our offerings include written warranties for services and materials that are unique in this industry.


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