If you have decided to design your home with a renowned interior design company, which is a sagacious decision, you should first know what you should expect from your interior designer.

When searching for the best interior designing company in Kolkata, ask them for their list of services. While comparing the interior designers, compare the services beside prices.

Some interior designing companies provide specific niche services like children’s spaces, modular kitchens, eco designs, designing for specific customer demand, outdoor or living area designing, custom furniture designs, etc.

However, most Interior designers offer a standard set of services, from short-term services to more comprehensive ones.

We at Asian Interiors offer the following services:

3D modelling

Technology makes us capable of showing your project in 3D modelling, and we happily use it to communicate the designs to our clients effectively. 3D models are used almost exclusively to show what a specific project will look like or to show the initial results of projects already proceeding. All the materials, colours, and light effects are observed and coordinated so that all models are represented and act faithfully. Execution is the process of projecting 3D images onto a 2D surface. Lustre. One of the essential concepts in 3D interior design, in general, is balance. In interior design, balance is synonymous with equal visual distribution in a given space.

Civil work

Our qualified experts are skilled in carrying out civil interior design work as the best interior designing company in kolkata. These services are extremely viewed in the market. It includes the supply, repair, and provision of all materials, labour, tools, and equipment and necessary and incidental management for the construction and completion of the work.

Our professionals provide our offered service using advanced techniques. The services include tiling, bathroom remodelling, fixing the kitchen deck, electrical work, etc. The offered services are in various forms and terms that meet the clients’ demands.

Soft furnishing and Carpentry

Carpentry is a basic feature of the beauty of any construction and is extremely important to the way we live in our homes and offices. Whether you’re designing a room in your home or building a home, when you build something that looks good and works well together, you’ll be able to present an integrated space that’s easy to use and understand.

Carpentry used inside a room often includes upholstery, cushions, curtains, and rugs. In addition to interior design features, the use of upholstered furniture can help create your dream home, a pleasant and comfortable environment.

Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens, built by us, are very different from kitchens built on-site by carpenters. The kitchen is one of the core rooms in any home. It should be well organized and equipped with all modern conveniences for aesthetics, functionality, safety, and security purposes.

Because these fabrications are mass-produced, they are inexpensive. A complete kitchen system can be installed in less than a week. Since the cabinets are collapsible, installation is simple.

Wall painting

Wall painting is the latest trend in interior design followed by the best interior designing company in kolkata. People like the retro look in their living spaces. A great work of art always has a special place in our hearts. A plain, boring wall can be turned into a great background with wallpapers, murals, wall murals, and wall textures. All you need is a good illustration which we provide.

Selection of Light Fixtures

You can only really escalate your home decor, furniture, and the room’s overall effect with light. Artificial light not only contributes to the overall decorative style of a room but can also be used to highlight features, create zones and change the perceived proportions of a room.

Concluding note

We are proud to say that we are the best interior designing company in Kolkata with the best industry offers. We provide end-to-end solutions for everything related to your home: interior design, space planning, project execution, furniture, modular solutions, and home furnishings. We ensure that even the most complicated interior design project is completed on time.

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