Top 4 Secrets About The Best Interior Designing Services In Kolkata

The moment you start thinking about the various ways to decorate your living room, you will realize the process isn’t as easy as you were expecting it to be. There are numerous points you need to consider simultaneously which often ends up making your confused. The best is to take the aid of a professional interior designer who has years of experience in crafting unique designs. Not only will they provide you with a few tips to enhance the beauty of your room but might also share their secrets to make the process of interior designing easier for you.

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Interested In The Best Interior Designing Services In Kolkata? Check The Secrets Below

  • Arrange The Books Wisely

Arranging the books does not only mean that you have to stack them all up on the bookshelf. Arrange more than 50% of your books vertically and the rest horizontally. If you are willing to show off the backside of the shelf, use a decorative fabric to line it. Every professional working for an interior designing company in Kolkata takes utmost care to keep the height of the horizontal books lower that of the vertical ones. Though green plants can render the shelf a softened look, flowers can make them look cluttered.


  • Place The Mirror At The Right Place

Not only should you choose a beautiful mirror which matches the interior designing of your rooms but also create the right space where you can place it. Experts believe that a distance of 56 inches from the floor is the ideal height. This is because this centre position is at an easy eye-level for the people. If you are willing to make the room look more spacious, place the mirror vertically opposite to the window where it can bounce the light entering the room.


  • Consider The Size Of The Dining Table

Every wise buyer is aware of the fact that considering both the visual appeal and size of a dining table is a must before buying it. Choose something more than 36 inches as it will offer you adequate space to eat even when you have filled the table with centrepieces and serving dishes. If the available space is limited, opt for a round table as the absence of the edges let you enjoy more eating spaces. Moreover, they can fit quite easily in any small corner and make it look beautiful.


  • Choose A Good Colour Scheme

If you want the best interior designing services in Kolkata, ask a professional which colour scheme will go well with the interiors. They choose a scheme and fill a majority of your room with a dominant colour, the rest is filled with a secondary colour and followed by an accent colour. If the exterior view is beautiful, opting for a dark colour window trim is a cool idea.

Since you are now aware of a few secrets to get the best interior designing, it’s time you follow these and take the aid of an expert designer for the best interiors.