Things to Look for while Choosing between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator

If you are looking for a professional to help you with the interior of your home or office, finding the right one is a tricky job unto itself. For one reason, there are so many options with their individual body of work to choose from. For another, there is a discrete design lingo. Some are known as interior designers while others are considered as interior decorators. But what is the basic difference between these two? How can you differentiate between an interior designer in Kolkata and an interior designer? Let’s have a look at the factors that help you understand the difference.

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Things that make an Interior Decorator

  • Basic education – Interior decorators are mostly focused on decorative details. They don’t necessarily need to have a formal standardised education. They usually undergo some type of training programmes to learn the basics of interior decoration.


  • Extra skills – Interior decorators are meant for aesthetics. They are able to do jobs like selection of colours, buying design items, setting furniture layout and choosing wall arts. They are the experts to help you bring a completely new and fresh look to the present space.


Things that make an Interior Designer

  • Basic education – Interior designers usually go through formal and proper training. They need to undergo two to four years’ of programmes. They may even need to pass a test to get registered with local governing body. However, this is not applicable everywhere.


  • Extra skills – Interior design training is focused on effective space planning. This may include conducting a detailed analysis of how the existing place is being utilised and what functional changes may be made to redesign it. Generally, this may include factors like changing the entire layout to ensure greater functionalities and usage.


  • When to hire an interior designer – Hiring an interior designer could be ideal if you want to remodel an existing space and need proper guidance beyond aesthetics. The best interior designer in Kolkata is the best to redesign the space from ground up while navigating daily details such as working with the contractors.

Who to choose

Finally, it is your call to choose one as per your preference. Remember, every designer and decorator is different. Before you make any hiring decision, research the professionals in your locality to check the services they offer. Better you go through their design portfolio, read reviews by previous customers and get all the questions you have in your mind answered prior to making a decision. However, at times, they can be used synonymously as well instead of having individual job functions and description.