Lighting design is one of the most important aspect of a home, office or if you are lighting up a landscape. Lighting can affect your mood and even the overall perceived size of a space, that is the reason, it is an essential element to any interior design project. The right lighting can bring a big change to the feel of the room and enhance the colors used in your decor.

We at Asian Interiors, will help you to determine your lighting needs based on your taste, décor, personal habits, use of space and your budget. Our designers provide budget friendly lighting fixtures in a variety of styles, designs and optimal lighting effect in a given space.

First step is to decide which type of lighting you want to put for each room. For deciding on the type of light, first you need to envision all the possible situation you will use in that particular room. Imagine yourself in each scenario and think about where the light will be coming from.

Modern lighting fixtures, especially ceiling lights, pendant lighting fixtures and chandeliers are great for creating impressive dining rooms and attractive kitchens or adding a romantic atmosphere to bedroom decorating. When the ceiling lights and chandeliers are properly arranged, the look creates an enjoyable, comfortable and attractive interior.

Beautiful and unusual, stylish and modern kitchen lighting design adds fabulous look to the dining room, breakfast nook, kitchen or restaurant interior decorating.
Bathroom light fixtures are designed for specific zones. While selecting lighting fixtures for bathrooms, safety is the most important aspect. Small bathrooms can be visually increased with smart wall lighting.

At Asian Interior services, we have solution for improving the lighting in a specific room or area, designing the lighting system for remodeling of a home and also for a new home build.

Accurate lighting has the power to change a space from dull and uninviting, to warm and welcoming. The designers at Asian Interiors will make sure to choose light not only to suit the style of the space and home but also to enhance the ambience.

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