Some Secret Interior Decoration Tricks that only Professional Now

“The devil is in the detail” – the saying goes even truer with interior design.  The key to create an appealing space lies in being attentive towards subtle nitty-gritty related to interior decoration. Not necessarily they have to be complicated. Rather, some of them are so simple that they seem to be counter-intuitive. But they can really make notable difference in the overall appearance of the room.

And here are some of those tricks that only best interior designing services in Kolkata know and suggest.

  • Get Plants –Whether you want to add a signature piece or just are looking for filling a vacant corner, indoor plants are the best to add character and depth to a room. They add much-desired colour to the rooms while bringing a touch of freshness. Indoor plants can be placed in cups, glass jars, earthen pots, mason jars and/or terrariums depending on the look and appearance of your room.

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  • Implement Patterns – As it comes to decorating a room, don’t stick to any particular pattern. You can easily try out two or three patterns together yet harmoniously without putting any extra effort. All you need to be attentive about the scale of the patterns. Smaller prints look good on compact surfaces like floor rug and cushions. On the other hand, bolder and larger patterns look good on focal elements with blank white space around them.


  • Use Several of the Same things – Bunch or cluster of small objects are more appealing to eyes than that of a single piece as suggested by a reputed interior designing company in Kolkata. This is true for almost all small interior items. Be it cushions and vases, artwork or pendant lights – the scenario doesn’t change. You don’t need to find objects that match perfectly to each other. All they need to look, somehow, similar. Like, you can arrange a cluster of earthen pots of different sizes or a few cushions in multiple patterns.


  • Add Soul to the Room – To create an exclusive ambience for the room, all you need to display the items of your love. A space literally looks incomplete without the things that speak to you. It may be some photographs, vintage heirlooms, favourite souvenirs or an artwork. Such things make the room look more attractive and interesting while giving the occupants a special extension of their personality.


  • Be Careful about the Negative Spaces – Packing so many things into a single room makes it really chaotic. Space out furniture arrangement to provide each and every piece sufficient breathing space so they can shine on their own while making the whole arrangement working perfectly.


  • Choose Layer Furnishings for Small Rooms – This simple tip often applied by top interior in Kolkata definitely creates a sense of passion and intimacy in the smaller rooms. Use mirrors and paintings as well as wall shelves to create a notable backdrop. Seating arrangements and table may form the next layer. And it looks really great while they are being placed together. And finally, use bedspreads, rugs and throws to augment the sense of comfort and flexibility while synchronize the entire place together.

These are the few things that reputed interior designers often implement to décor their clients’ space.