Some Amazing Interior Design Trends for 2019

The coming year is going to be so bold. You are probably looking to set fresh resolution in this year. On the other hand, interior designers also look for their own refresh as the New Year is approaching. Certain hot 2018 trends, in terms of interior designs, are already completely over by now as told by best interior designing services in Kolkata.And here are the latest trends set by the leading interior designers for 2019.


OUT – Accent Walls in Bedroom

IN – Textured Wallpaper

Latest trend is a pop of bold or loud colour wallpaper behind the headboard – yes, this is true. You can elevate the space with subtle textured wallpaper as well. Adding a pop is enough. But it must not overdo it.


OUT –Readymade Wall Signage

IN – Photographs or Colourful Artworks

Any sign denoting romantic or dreamy actually makes the room feel just opposite. A room with such a sign is not a dream at all. Rather you can try patterns and colours on the wall. Use wallpapers you love. You can also put photographs or colourful artworks on the walls to create the sense of intimacy as well as your style statement.


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OUT –Plain Cotton Bedding

IN – Extravagant Velvet or Linen Bedding

Designers are no more in love with the basic patterns. There are more and more bedding options in linen and velvet with different attractive patterns and colours on the market that ensure a great look even without being steamed or ironed. They are low maintenance yet look classy and elegant. Moreover, there is an escalation of demand for crushed, crinkled and quilted velvety duvets. According to leading interior designer in Kolkata, such bedding options create a lustrous and luxury setting, exactly opposite to anything minimal.


OUT – Ready made Cabinet Knobs

IN – Handmade Leather Pulls

With the potential trends for 2019, simplicity is no more in vogue. Handmade, embellished, maximalists are on high in demand. This trend is even more prominent in kitchen space. In the coming year, we can see a lot less subway tile and more of painted backsplashes. The same trend goes for hardware as well. The latest look of brass, chrome and rose gold hardware is likely to be replaced with sophisticated leather pulls in various sizes and shapes. Everybody looks for their home to feel distinct with special looks and traits that feel absolutely exclusive to them.


OUT – Matching Metal

IN – Mixing Metal

It is expected to see kitchen doors with matchy metal finishes. Some designers are focusing on faucet matching and light fixture finishes as well as barstools. They prefer a mixed up look. They would prefer to use polished nickel faucets with satin brass knobs on cabinet. And it really looks fantastic.


OUT – Readymade Generic Furniture Set

IN – Mix and Match

No more you will see furniture sharing the name of one manufacturer. If you don’t want your living room looking like a furniture showroom, make the same all about you. According to a reputed interior designing company in Kolkata, matching furniture is boring. Get furniture as you go along. Focus on mix and match pieces by getting furniture from various periods. Family heirlooms are also in trend. Besides being attractive, they are always ready to create your own personal style as well.