Need Puja Room Designing Services In Kolkata? 3 Design Ideas For You

Since the significance of a puja room in the hindu household can never be denied, you need the best interior designing services so that the interiors are exactly the way you want. Professionals offering the service are aware of the fact that the best way to decorate the space is by placing the flowers, lamps and other sacred belongings in such a way so that the right proportion is maintained. The visual appeal of the puja ghar is largely dependent on the colour used and so the room should be renovated in such a way so that it becomes more captivating.

Get The Best Puja Room Design In Kolkata With Cool Colour Ideas

  • Yellow

Using yellow colour in your puja room makes the space appear more captivating and being a sacred colour, it suits the room really well. Professionals offering the best interior designing services in Kolkata prefer using the subtle hues of mustard yellow instead of the bright yellow shade. If your puja room has a wooden setup, just paint the wall mounted shelf with yellow colour and make it the focal point of the room. The colour instantly creates a style statement in the puja space.

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  • White

White is regarded to be a heavenly colour and this is why this colour has been used in puja rooms for years. The unblemished white colour offers a touch of purity and can endow the room really well. If you want to make the space look versatile, ask the designers offering interior services in Kolkata to complete the white look by carefully designing the foreground and background with beautiful golden hus.

You can even complement this hue by hanging some brass bells from the roof. Since white materials can become dirty easily, install something which is easy to clean like granite, laminate or cetera.

  • Red

Red adds a faithful touch to the puja room. Designers whose focus is on creating the top interior in Kolkata include the red kumkum and holy red daga as decorating elements as they are common symbols of divinity. They might even advice you to paint the entire wall of your Puja room with a shade of red as it makes the space overwhelming. Choose a reddish colour combination as they reflect the perfect blend of happiness and divinity.

Choose any of the design ideas stated above and your top interior designer in Kolkata will craft the best design for your puja room.