Enhance The Beauty Of Your Rooms With TV Cum Modular Storage Units

Though an experienced interior designing company can suggest numerous ideas to enhance the beauty of your rooms, one which has recently gained much popularity is the TV cum storage modular units. One of the primary benefits of investing in this growing trend is that you can enjoy clutter-free spaces in your bedroom, living room and kitchen even if you are living in a closely packed apartment.

Just make sure that the furniture you are opting for blends well with the functionality of the room. Since TV cum modular storage units can enhance the versatility of any room, they have nowadays become a vital feature in almost every contemporary house.


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Top 5 TV cum Modular Storage Units Suggested By Interior Designing Companies In Kolkata

  • Berko Television Unit

A primary feature of the Berko television units is that it has been specially designed for the compact houses. It allows one to store all their entertainment requirements together without making the space look cluttered. Opt for this television unit if you are looking for the best interior designing services in Kolkata and easily accommodate your set-top box, cables and TV speakers in it.


  • Malhar Television Unit

If you are looking for a television cum display storage unit which looks good in both modern and transitional spaces, the Malhar television is exactly what you need. The shelves in the unit can give a contemporary twist to any antiquated design without punching a hole in your pocket. You can either place it on the table or wall-mount it according to your convenience.


  • Lamar Television Unit

If you are looking for the most suitable TV cum modular units for your living room, the Lamar television unit can become the ideal solution for you with those strong mid-century undertones and gently clean lines. There are numerous compartments and deep open drawers to keep all your expensive media electronics.


  • Espeneli Television Unit

If you own a grunge chic or shabby house, the Espenelli television cum display unit is exactly what you need. Its distressed finishing looks really good in the modern and transitional spaces of a house. Even if the design movement of your house is a bit different, just visit an interior designing company in Kolkata and they will customise an Espeneli television unit for you.


  • Giro Television Unit

One of the main reasons why the number of people opting for the Giro television unit has enhanced drastically in the last few years is because they are quite versatile and can become the focal point in any modern or mid-century styled home. It comprises of a shelf, a tabletop and two roomy compartments where you can easily accommodate the centre pieces and the television.  You can expect to get the level of entertainment you are looking for with it.

Since you are now aware of the wide variety of TV cum modular storage units, it’s time you start looking for an experienced interior designer in Kolkata to fit the most suitable unit in your room.