Design Your Small Bathroom With The Best Interior Designing Company

Since the bathroom is a very vital room in every house, the focus of every homeowner is on finding the best interior designing company who can shoulder the responsibility of enhancing the functionality and beauty of the room. Unless the bathroom is aesthetically put together, you can’t set the right tone for the rest of your home.

Though the design of a bathroom is so important, there are still a few people who have not approached an interior designing company yet because they feel that the one in the house is too small for a makeover. This is nothing more than a myth which you can easily debunk by approaching the right company offering the service. There are a few creative designing ideas which can even enhance the functionality and beauty of a small bathroom.

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5 Tips By The Best Interior Designing Company In Kolkata To Design A Small Bathroom

  • Place Tubs And Toilets Strategically

Let your interior designing company in Kolkata know that you are willing to save some floor space and legroom and they might suggest you to remove the bathtubs and wall mount the toilets. Instead of tubs, create a shower place and separate it from the rest of the room using glass panels. Using shower curtains is also not advisable as they restrict the light entering the room.

  • Choosing Suitable Colours

Though there are numerous colours you can choose from to paint your bathroom, only an experienced professional offering interior services in Kolkata knows the right colour which can make a small room appear brighter and bigger. Make sure that the colour of the wall is in contrast with the colour of the floor. You can make the neutral tones of your bathroom look unique by adding textures and marbles.

  • Place Mirrors On The Wall

Mirrors can make any room look more spacious by reflecting light. If you want to change the outlook of a small space without punching a hole in your pocket, just place a mirror across the whole wall. They are really effective for bathrooms with a narrow structure.

  • Opt For Smaller Sinks

You can get a top interior in Kolkata inspite of having a small bathroom just by installing smaller sinks. They will make the small room look more spacious. If you think that storing your bathroom essentials will become tough, just install a floating cabinet below the sink. Invest in those modern thin sinks as they fit a small space better than those traditional sinks.

  • Illuminate It

The easiest way to make that small room look more spacious is by illuminating it. A well-lit room looks a lot more welcoming than a dark and small place. If you are willing to add an ‘oomph’ factor to that small bathroom, invest in some beautiful overhead lighting.

Follow the tips stated above and approach the right top interior designing company if you are willing to enhance the appeal and functionality of your small bathroom.

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