Often hotels and restaurants are some places that we expect to have stunning interiors and décor beyond imagination. We usually get fascinated with the furnishing of the region. Thus, it is vital to design the inner premises of the place by an expert interior designer.

A guest should feel wonderful by a glimpse of your reception and entry area. Asian Interior in Kolkata presents a solution for hoteliers and restaurant owners for renovating the décor of their premises to make it appealing.

We focus on different regions of your building and decorate them with precision and innovation. Our team of professional interior designers gives all the reasons to you to rely on our services. Asian Interiors believes that every area, be it reception, dining area, rooms, waiting area, etc. should depict their functionality and role. Hence, we design them in a way that reflects their motive.

While revamping a restaurant- space, decoration, ambiance, and footfall of people are a few factors that influence the inside of the structure. The inner adornment of the property can make your restaurant an ideal place where most of the population like to stay and spend their precious time. Hence, it should be a trendy, conceptual, cozy, and welcoming possession. We keep all the aspects in mind before renovation your hotel/restaurant.

Appointing a professional interior designing company in Kolkata will prove to be an asset for evolving your food business. You can grab all the attention with your meals and a comfortable space where they can have a delightful time. We choose the catchy yet soothing color scheme for people who like to be at a classy place for dine-in.

Hiring an interior designer is a cost-effective idea for hoteliers as they will comprehend your needs and execute plans according to the desired outcome. They will transform your property into a demanding and artistic place where people love to be.

Interior designers, through their skills, will upsurge the efficacy and worth of your stay place and food outlet. They choose color psychology that matches your concept of hospitality. The astonishing interiors will make your premises a brand name, and people will follow the legacy through franchises.


Asian Interiors has all the traits of beautifying your property and giving it value. The decors will mesmerize your guests, and they will feel the temptation to visit your possession. You may hire us for fast renovation and perfect interior designing methods in Kolkata; you will be amazed by the results we deliver.

An office is a place where you worship your profession. You strive for your goals, strategize steps to achieve your aim, and execute in your place of work. Thus, the property needs to have professional interiors to create the zeal for work. We Asian Interiors, Corporate Interior Designing company in Kolkata support hundreds of corporate to revamp their workplace and shape them into aesthetic masterpieces.


The Floor where you work is the symbol of your hard work. Hence, we understand office designing should display your work ethics and values. An impressive workplace generates an appealing impact on customers’ minds and helps in capturing their trust.


Asian Interiors has expert craft men who design your office in a way so that you have that freedom to move from one floor to another. Our team of professional interior designers in Kolkata construct all your needs in one blueprint and implement it on the structure. We ensure you get all elementary amenities in such a perfect manner that it depicts perfection. Your interior ambiance and other elements are placed effectively.


Office interiors exhibit work efficacy, and Asian Interiors enhance it with precision.


Your workplace and office are something that showcases your conviction, the niche you are dealing in, and your work culture. However, preserving a corporate interior design is pivotal. Asian Interior team takes care of aspects like spacing, ventilation, hygiene, and others while decorating & fashioning interiors. We ensure your employees get all the facilities under one roof so that; they can work do their job with motivation.


We design various areas like reception area, board room, and Director chambers , working desk, pantry area etc according to your need. We have a clear vision of giving you an appropriate work environment empowering competence. Also, beautifully saving space to accumulate other operational activities like waiting, moving, etc.


Asian Interiors adopt contemporary designs and comprehensive materials.


Asian Interiors comprises a team of deft artisan who has knowledge of the colour scheme, latest design of interiors, and durable materials. The crew of experts comprehend your requirement and establish a setup that showcases a brilliant working atmosphere without hindrance.


If you desire to renovate your office, you may rely on our interior designers, who are proficient in giving the structure an appealing appearance. one can visualize your office as a lavish one at a competitive price and win the hearts of your customers.


Final words.

Trust Asian Interiors for the contemporary appearance of your workplace with all the essentials. Our team will incorporate stuff according to your requirement.


When we imagine our home, the kitchen is the most operational area and consider it more usable. Therefore, appoint an interior designer who comprehends your requirement for converting your kitchen into a spacious working area.


A place where you cook your food and discover happiness served on a plate is better known as a kitchen for Indians. The societies of Kolkata are full of joint families and the nuclear family. Hence, numerous factors influence the decision to the renovation of your kitchen. The deft Asian Interiors in Kolkata can help you attain spacious by placing modular arrangements and cabinets.


Kitchen appliances like induction, microwave, mixer, and others acquire immense space, leaving less counter area for work. The remedy for this issue is a bespoke solution from Top Quality Modular Kitchen Service in Kolkata. These modular kitchen cabinets can be assembled with a choice of materials assisting in durability.


A professional home décor service in Kolkata considers the kitchen as a vital part of the functional region. Hence, their team gives immense concentration over the area, making it a sheer delightful experience working in it. The inclination of modular kitchens is here to stay and has touched the next level of innovation.


Also, the material used for counters and slabs is another matter of concern as you will not renovate your kitchen now and then. Ventilation and humidity are other challenges that interior designers in Kolkata face when they conceptualize kitchen redecoration. A modular structured kitchen gives you a deluxe effect on your kitchen space.

A proper cleaning zone in the kitchen is indispensable to generate the perfect look of your kitchen.



Grab an expert mind in the field of interior designing to reach the level of excellence in recreating your kitchen elegance. Your requirement with a brilliant mind can match modern ways of cooking.

Interior designing is a great contributor in producing that lavish and stylish look of your office or home. A place that has all the comforts with aesthetic and modern looks seems a fantasy. In case your idea is perfectly executed can turn out to be hefty on the pocket. Do not worry! It is not the case every time.  Asian Interiors charge reasonably with efficient work.


Do not shred an extra penny on expensive interior design when you can achieve the best home décor service in Kolkata at affordable rates. It is gospel truth and possible; all you need to do is to research and be patient. You can renovate your office to give it a professional look without the hassle; by appointing designers.


Experience 3D artist can be skilled interior designers who depict illusion through their art. It often allures guests to your premises. Whether you are a hotelier, restaurateur, or own a corporate building interior of the structure counts. Mind-blowing infrastructure with proper amenities makes it impeccable. Qualified Interior Designing Workers enhances the place showcasing the desired outcome in a given time.


The interior decorators can design any illustration on your cabin wall, cubicles, workstations, and partitions. You can flaunt gleaming workspace sites when designed by experts. Changing trends in the design of workplaces are new common, yet aspects like space and nature of work are pivotal before revamping the place.


False ceiling in the office is yet another revolutionary method to cover all clumsy wires. Also, it is a cost-effective way of decoration.



Hire a professional interior designer for your workplace or your residential premises for a magnificent outcome. Your corporate building can give a glimpse of your profession. Therefore, invest time and effort wisely in picking a specialist interior designer.

Everyone wishes to acquire a beautiful home and their own space to relax. A home is a place where you stay and sustain with pleasure will all the possible amenities. Therefore we, Asian Interiors provides specialized Home Decor Service in Kolkata will be best for creating the ambiance you desire. With an exceptional and eccentric approach, interior designers conduct every step in achieving an aesthetic look of the site.


One can revamp and transform their establishment into a comfortable dwelling of your own. Kolkata is the region where living space is a challenge, yet that depends on the site. Renovating through Asian Interiors in Kolkata can create an aura and imprint on the viewers. Thus, an expert can decide astutely what can be designed best in the given space.


It is a rightful adage that your house is a reflection of your lifestyle. Through qualified interior designing workers, you can acquire your dream house and your me space. You can attain all convenience and facilities with trouble by makeovers of your residential premises.


Impeccable interior designers can help you redefine your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and other vital areas of the house to create majesty space. Amalgamate of their ingenuity with your prerequisites can generate wonders. They conceptualize every element like lighting, spacing, color, texture, and pattern for producing an aesthetically pleasing interior.


The congested space of Kolkata is one factor that influences and may restrict innovation. Yet, deft interior designers love to experiment and discover the efficacy of money. They have a solution for every issue that may arise before or during the revamp. You can achieve the perfect design, modern look, and every facility essential to make a home place to stay.



You may try Top Quality Modular Kitchen Service in Kolkata for reshaping your kitchen space. The modular concept of the kitchen can lend room for accessibility and area for all appliances with ample movement for operations.


Adding to advanced techniques of interior designers are modular kitchen, false ceiling, contemporary woodwork, and other aspects penetrating the excellence in renovating work.


Are you bored with the color of walls and how your furniture appears? Does your house need renovation and denting? We comprehend it is a tedious job to perform and difficult to commence. Asian Interiors, The professional interior designers in Kolkata are there to rescue and take off your stress.


Interiors of your residential & commercial premises are something that can generate an impressive impact on your guest. Therefore, picking an expert for designing these critical areas is vital. Your reputation is at stake when someone visits your possessions. Perhaps, creating a comfortable space with influential looks is the prime motto.


Hiring qualified interior designing workers can be profitable trade when you want to grab precision. There are 3-explanations as to why you need a proficient interior designing professional.


  • Innovative concepts.

home decor service in Kolkata will bring countless ideas linking to effective utilization of space, playing with the color concept, and taking care of elementary fundamentals.


  • Creates elegant appearance.

One can determine the epitome of the efficacious building by the smooth functioning of basic requirements. Yet, producing an elegant and contemporary appearance is essential. A specialized individual will assist you to attain this goal-keeping mind layout of the internal space available.


  • Hoards your money.

Professional interior designers absolutely love their work and know-how to perform their job with competence. Hence, consider them as a money-saving element. Their intelligence and instructions will save you from shedding an extra penny.


Final Verdict.


You may rely on skilled interior decorators in Kolkata for revamping your property. They are a blessing in disguise for working-class people. And for those who want to have an exclusive ambiance and cozy environment nearby their property.


Homeowners have the liberty to share their views and prerequisite with an expert interior designer. The reason is they can orchestrate their concept matching with the owner’s needs for developing the site.


The expertise of Asian Interiors can make wise decisions within the time frame of completion with perfection.

Color and finish design are very important element of interior designing.

Asian Interiors have the best group of Interior designers in Kolkata to leave your house with a splash of colors and a touch of love. Our designers are expert in matching colors and finishes to create the look and feel you’re going for.

Paint choices have a major impact on the look and feel of the house. Certain paint colors have a way of making a space feel more expensive than it is, and others are ideal for giving a cozy vibe in a room. So, pick a paint that lets the architecture and furnitures shine.

Whether you are building a new house or redecorating your old space, you want to create a space that is comfortable and liveable for your family. You also want it to feel warm and welcoming for guests.

It all starts with the right paint color. Our designers work with you to develop a new direction for your home or room design because they understand the necessary details. Whether you want something bold and bright, neutral or moody, we have got tons of paint color ideas for you to get inspired and it can be visually overwhelming.

You can expect creative thinking, detailed planning and exceptional project management from Asian Interiors team in Kolkata.

Lighting design is one of the most important aspect of a home, office or if you are lighting up a landscape. Lighting can affect your mood and even the overall perceived size of a space, that is the reason, it is an essential element to any interior design project. The right lighting can bring a big change to the feel of the room and enhance the colors used in your decor.

We at Asian Interiors, will help you to determine your lighting needs based on your taste, décor, personal habits, use of space and your budget. Our designers provide budget friendly lighting fixtures in a variety of styles, designs and optimal lighting effect in a given space.

First step is to decide which type of lighting you want to put for each room. For deciding on the type of light, first you need to envision all the possible situation you will use in that particular room. Imagine yourself in each scenario and think about where the light will be coming from.

Modern lighting fixtures, especially ceiling lights, pendant lighting fixtures and chandeliers are great for creating impressive dining rooms and attractive kitchens or adding a romantic atmosphere to bedroom decorating. When the ceiling lights and chandeliers are properly arranged, the look creates an enjoyable, comfortable and attractive interior.

Beautiful and unusual, stylish and modern kitchen lighting design adds fabulous look to the dining room, breakfast nook, kitchen or restaurant interior decorating.
Bathroom light fixtures are designed for specific zones. While selecting lighting fixtures for bathrooms, safety is the most important aspect. Small bathrooms can be visually increased with smart wall lighting.

At Asian Interior services, we have solution for improving the lighting in a specific room or area, designing the lighting system for remodeling of a home and also for a new home build.

Accurate lighting has the power to change a space from dull and uninviting, to warm and welcoming. The designers at Asian Interiors will make sure to choose light not only to suit the style of the space and home but also to enhance the ambience.

If you are looking for ideas to design a modular kitchen in Kolkata without burning a hole in your pocket, then visit Asian Interiors Services in Kolkata.

A space with a heart and soul of its own, the kitchen is an area where you cook and sometimes even eat. When it comes to designing or remodeling your kitchen, the idea can be scary and as well as overwhelming.

Cupboards play an integral part in keeping the space clutter free. When doing up an Indian kitchen design, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that you can follow. From experimenting with vibrant colored laminates to playing with textured backsplashes, we at Asian Interiors, provide a wide variety of options to choose from. You can opt for unique color combinations or single color as you like. The cabinets can be simple and plain wooden type or glossy type.

Modular kitchens have the advantage of putting together all the important equipments of a kitchen in a minimum space. It can be designed in any range of budget, easily available alternatives, without compromising on aesthetics and quality.

Choosing the right type of countertop with perfect color to suit the wall paints is an imperial part of the modular kitchen. The countertop are usually made up of materials such as laminate, vinyl, wood, granite or marble.

Our biggest concern when designing your kitchen is making it as enjoyable and spacious as possible for you. We , the Asian Interior designer team , pride ourselves in customizing each space to look comforting to each client’s preference.

Every one of us have that desire to make our home a beautiful place to live in. We at Asian Interiors help you to fulfill that desire and provide one of the best interior designing and decoration service in Kolkata.

The designers at Asian Interiors have a trained eye to conceptualize the ideal look and layout. Our architects, designers and project managers work together to find the right solutions for your home in designing, plumbing, flooring and electrical planning.
We understand that the foundation of any new design is the civil work. We will ask for ideas from you and also give our suggestion. We will gather all the specifications and details for all choices in a budget friendly comprehensive plan. Our goal is to always complete the work as per the discussed timeline.

Choosing the right false ceiling has become a vital part of modern home interior designing. We also help you with choosing the type of flooring to use in each space and understand various factors to consider when making a selection.

Once the ceiling and flooring design is decided, we plan the plumbing and electrical designing. We will suggest imaginative variations while helping you select high quality materials that will beautifully enhance your space. Our plumbing contractors always strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

An Asian Interiors designer works with you one-to-one to help you with selections from countertop colors to tile backsplash patterns to the design of fixtures and cabinetry handles.

From original concept to finished construction, your personal architect from Asian Interiors will be with you at every step assuring your confidence and peace of mind. This is our unique selling proposition which has given us a customer oriented base in Kolkata.
We work with you to make sure the end result is one you’ll love.

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