Avail The Best Interior Services In Kolkata & Make Your Home Summer-Ready

Do you wish to keep your interiors cool this hot summer season? Well, the interiors of a house can indeed make wonders and beat the humid weather hard. Wondering about the ways to avoid staying closeted in the confines of air-conditioned rooms? No worries. All you need to do is design cool and breezy spaces!

In India, heat rules to its extreme extent during the summer season, making it difficult for everyone to enjoy summer. Just the way you prep yourself for the tenacious summer and give your closet a makeover with comfortable clothes, your interiors need a few alterations too. And, making your home summer-ready by using climate-responsive design materials and techniques can be a great way to make the most of this long and humid season.

Below are a few useful tips to help you design breezy and cool spaces!

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5 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Summer By Availing Interior Services In Kolkata

  1. Enhance Cooling By Placing Courtyard Centrally

Experts of a leading interior designing company in Kolkata believe that indoor courtyards can be a great way to boost ventilation of your home. A centrally located courtyard ensures that more internal spaces are able to benefit from its cooling effect. Indoor courtyards provide allow the hot air to rise up while trapping breezy air at the bottom.

  1. Make Effective Use Of Landscapes And Water Bodies

Both water bodies and greenery can significantly provide respite from heat and contribute to cooler temperature throughout your house. Place plants, shrubs and trees near windows and doors as they can help in keeping your home cool by releasing moisture as a part of their natural process. Even evaporation from water pond increases in the summer, resulting in cooling the nearby areas.

  1. Shade Outdoor Spaces And Terraces

Since balconies and terraces bear the brunt of intense heat in the summer months, they become nearly unusable during the daytime. Getting a new roof constructed is impractical since you may need more Sun during the winter season. In such cases, availing interior services in Kolkata to install trellises and pergolas can be a good option. This is because they provide shade from heat and even let in enough breeze and light.

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  1. Extend The Roof To Protect Windows From Direct Heat

Direct exposure of windows and exterior walls to sunlight can result in more heat penetration. This leads to a rise in indoor temperature. To shade your windows and walls, use large roof overhangs. This can be a great way to incorporate large and wide openings for cross-ventilation without exposing your home to heat.

  1. Create Sheltered And Barrier-Free Spaces

Free-flowing spaces which promote air circulation and natural ventilation can provide great relief in the harsh summer months. For having top interior in Kolkata, create seating areas in shaded verandahs and semi-open porches. Ensure that these sheltered spaces are positioned in a way which that it faces the direction which receives maximum breeze. Even large shaded windows on the side will help cool air enter your home.

So what are you still here for? It’s time to beautify your interiors for beating the summer heat!