5 Decor Tips By A Leading Interior Designer To Beautify Your Terrace

It’s that time of the year again when the hot season remains in full swing! And what’s synonymous with a lazy summer day? Rejuvenating from the hectic schedule and organising barbecues with close friends and family members… on the dream terrace. Wondering how to transform your existing outdoor space into the ideal summer escape? Read on.

Big enough to relax after a tiring day and quite small enough to take little or no care of, there’s something about a superbly decorated outdoor space which enhances the appeal of a property. Creating an enviable terrace can thus be a great way to take full advantage of your outdoor space. Whether you wish to incorporate a modern design, a colourful style or Mediterranean style, there are endless possibilities for personalising your terrace beautifully.

Here are a few cool tips to help you spruce up your terrace!

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From The Best interior designer in Kolkata: Few Tips To Create a Beautiful Terrace

  1. Decide On Your Needs

Decide on what you will use your terrace for. Will you be receiving your friends and family for gatherings? Or are you planning to simply relax with a good novel while sipping a cup of coffee? Think about what will make you happy throughout the summer season and decide on the must-haves accordingly. Next, consult a good interior designing company in Kolkata to help you decide on what you can accomplish within your limited space.

  1. Maximise Your Square Footage

Consider maximising your outdoor space by using the right furnishings. For instance, if you have a condo balcony or a small terrace, it is wise to opt for retractable tables and custom-made benches. Even picking wire furniture can be an informed choice. Buying bean bags can be another practical choice due to their easy storage.

  1. Be Stylish And Practical

It goes without saying that decorating the terrace beautifully can be the best way to transform to create the ideal space. But, you need to ensure that it is practical too. Avail professional interior services in Kolkata from designers who have prior experience in decorating terraces similar to yours. Make sure that you plan storage spaces for plastic, cushions and other handy outdoor space accessories.

  1. Focus On Your Privacy

No matter how well you bond with your neighbours or how much you trust them, focusing on privacy is indeed important. Luckily, with interior designers by your side, you can easily protect your space without even sacrificing the design. Experts suggest that all you need to do is opt for few tall potted plants, bamboo shoots, umbrellas, a pergola and you can be assured of your privacy.

  1. Add Some Life

Let your terrace take a life of its own. Create the perfect ambience by adding patio lanterns, a mini fireplace, Moroccan lamps and glowing orbs. You can even add few pots of fresh herbs, decorative frames and outdoor living accessories along with cacti plants to create the perfect terrace. Ensure that you let your imagination run wild to create the dream space.

So what are you still thinking of? Quickly consult a leading interior designer in Kolkata and start decorating your terrace accordingly!