4 Cool Interior Design Ideas For Your Combined Living And Dining Room

So what if you have a combined living and dining room? You can always give it a stylish yet homely feel. Decorating a shared space needn’t be at all difficult if you know how to spruce up the interiors. Perplexed about the ways to beautify your shared space? Fret not. All you need to do is learn a few interior design ideas and nail the living and dining room combined space distribution!

Small spaces and open floor plans make it really difficult for homeowners to demarcate the living space from the dining hall. With no separate walls in between, the two rooms get merged together and pose a decorating dilemma. However, turning the living and dining room combo into a stunning space need not be difficult if you avail interior services in Kolkata from a reputed designing company.

Here’re a few great ideas to help you give a beautiful makeover to your combined living and dining hall!

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From A Top Interior Designing Company In Kolkata: Ideas To Spruce Up The Interiors Of A Combined Living & Dining Space

  1. Give It A Rustic & Chic Look

Get the walls of your room pained in a pale and pastel shade. You can either go for stone work or wooden panelling on the walls. Consider buying a smooth and nice wood table with no matching chairs and embellishments. Covering this table with a beautiful chequered cloth can enhance the overall appeal of your space.

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  1. Opt For Offbeat Colours

Designers of a leading interior designing company in Kolkata suggest that choosing any offbeat colour for your combined room can give it a modish look. Simply do away with the standard designs that are available all over the internet and instead go with offbeat colours like aqua, teal, lilac or pink. You can even apply different shades of the same colour for furnishings like chairs, tables, cabinets and other accessories.

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  1. Open To Your Outdoors

When you have a combined living and dining room, opening the area to outdoors can help you in adding an illusion of space. Setting up those floor-to-ceiling glass windows or skylights in your combined room, especially above the dining table can spruce up your interiors to a great extent. This will even help you ensure that there’s an abundance of natural light in your room.

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  1. Create The Perfect Lighting

Availing the best interior designing services in Kolkata from a premier interior designing company can even help you in creating the perfect lighting. Consider bringing in some interesting and beautiful lighting options which complement the decor of your combined living and dining space. You may hang artsy lampshades, a few bulbs or a few chandeliers to give your combo space the right look.

So what are you still thinking of? Quickly approach a renowned interior designer and start benefiting from their exemplary designing services. Time to let your interiors speak!