Interior design increases the aesthetic pleasure of a place. Be it your office or home, a beautiful environment increases your mental peace and thus upsurges your performance and working ability. You can recreate your own old place with the help of your

interior design partner. If you plan to buy a new place, you can consult your builder to architect your place that fits your lifestyle.

In short, interior design is becoming an inevitable part of our lifestyle. Hence, choosing an interior designer is becoming essential. Finding an interior designer who helps you achieve your style in your budget which is becoming tough daily. This is because Kolkata’s enormous Interior design company rises in every nook of the city.

Asian Interior Services is here to finish your search with experienced designers to help you make your space more beautiful.

Kolkata, the epitome of art and architecture, becomes a more difficult place to meet your needs. To meet your needs, first, you have to decide your needs. That is, whether you want an interior designer or an interior decorator! Don’t get confused between the two.

Interior design is the education of mixing art with science, a learning procedure that understands a client’s need and creates a design that suits their lifestyle. On the other hand, interior decoration does not need any educational qualification. 

As you now know the functional difference between the interior designer and interior decorator, it will be easy for you to choose an interior designer who could use your space practically.

While choosing your Interior designer partner, follow the following checklist:

Communication skills: When you choose an Interior design company in Kolkata, the first thing you have to do is to communicate with them. Possessing good communication skills is very important for an interior designer because while communicating with them, you must be comfortable telling them exactly your needs. You can do this when their

communication skill is up to the mark.

In Asian Interior, we are concerned about our customer’s preferences. We understand your design preferences and work accordingly.

Understand the clients: An interior designing company should understand its clients’

needs. The better they know the client’s requirements, the better they will utilize

them to create a beautiful and customized design.

We, in Asian Interiors, never force you to choose our designs. We appreciate your design preferences and endorse what works best for you to get the job done the way you want.

Trend awareness: An interior design company Kolkata should be aware of the latest trend and fashion while creating the Interior for you. The extensive experience in Asian Interior makes it capable of being aware of the latest trend, they know mixing and matching colour with texture is a trend now, so they create the interior, keeping in mind the trend. 

Understanding of colour, pattern, and texture: The most important part of interior designing, according to Asian Interiors, is to use colour, pattern, and texture in the right proportion. Hence, understanding these three is a must while choosing an interior designing company.

Punctuality: Interior designer companies should complete and hand over the

project to their customer within the promised timeline.

Budget: Interior design itself is a costly concept. So, when choosing

an interior designing company, check the quality of products they are providing

in your allotted budget.

In Asian Interiors, we control the cost and also maintain the quality. Our prices include written guarantees for industry-unique services and products.


Enjoy the best experience  renovating your residential and commercial space with Asian interiors. Ten years have passed, and Asian Interiors has completed many prestigious and valuable projects and become the best home interior designer in kolkata. We are delighted to meet our customers’ expectations with our special designs. 


Choosing the correct type of interior design company is a challenging task. Everybody wants a flawless design for their project because that costs a lot of money and becomes an integral part of their project once the procedure is complete. So, no mistake is acceptable.

Asian Interiors are aware of its customers’ concern. So, we never force you to judge the taste of our designs. We understand your design preferences and recommend what works best for you to get the job done the way you want. We control costs and control quality. Our quotes include written warranties on services and materials unique to this industry.

What types of services do Asian Interiors offer?

Best Interior design for Residential and commercial spaces

Our team of designers enables us to create beautiful design ideas according to customer demand. We are the best interior design company in Kolkata.

 We offer interior design ideas to give your home and retail space a new look. Explore unique interior design and trends that are as inspiring as they are practical.

At Asian Interior, we combine functionality and aesthetics to provide homeowners with individualized and effective home design.


At Asian Interiors, we offer a wide selection of affordable and trendy bedroom designs that you will love. Our carefully selected main bedroom designs come in various styles, colour schemes, and decorating ideas – all of which you can customize according to your taste.


At Asian Interior, we excel in designing modular kitchens – the perfect combination of functionality and style. Our selected designs range from simple kitchen designs to modern Modular kitchen  that we can customize to fit your space. We have methods to suit every shape: an L-shaped kitchen, a U-shaped kitchen, straight, parallel, or open plan.

Living Room

Uncover various living room interior designs and decorating ideas at Asian Interior. We offer you functional yet fashionable living room designs. From modular TVs to wall art and living room design walls, you’ll find all the inspiration you need to get started.

Kids Room

Transform your little one’s bedroom into the magical castle they’ve always dreamed of. And give wings to their imagination. We are here to fulfil all your child’s bedroom design needs and desires without compromising functionality and comfort. You can combine products and colours according to your preferences.

Discover a wide range of designs, living room interior designs, and decorating ideas at Livspace. We offer you individual, functional, and elegant living room designs. From modular TVs to wall art and living room design walls, you’ll find all the inspiration you need to get started. Design now and create a living room space that reflects your style.

What makes Asian interiors the best?

We create our designs depending on our client’s requirements. Asian Interiors smartly merge your ideas and needs and develop a strategy with your budget in mind. But what makes us the Best interior design company in Kolkata is our experience, affordability, reliability, professionalism, and punctuality.


With Asian, Interiors, enjoy the best experience of remodeling your residential and commercial space. It is now one decade, and Asian Interiors has completed many prestigious and prestigious projects and becomes the Best interior design company in Kolkata. We take great pleasure in meeting our customers’ expectations with our specialized designs.

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