Interior design has radically changed our lives. From dining in a luxurious hotel to dining at a friend’s house, interior design has created an aesthetic atmosphere so subtly.

Getting a well-designed interior is not easy, however. Finding a skilled and experienced designer, who can understand your idea and give your place a look of your choice, is rather the most challenging job. 

Here comes Asian Interior Services with experienced designers who will help you to look at your space well.

Asian Interiors is Kolkata’s leading and most recognized Interior design company in Kolkata. We strive to deliver the best range of interior designs to suit your needs.

We are Kolkata’s most trusted and largest Interior Designing Company. We ensure the best services at affordable prices to fulfill all your needs.

Factors you should check while choosing the best interior designing company in Kolkata.


Many interior designing companies are sprouting out in every nook and corner of Kolkata. To find out the authentic one you must check the accreditation of the company. Proficient accreditation provides impartial third-party certification or endorsement of an individual’s level of knowledge, skill, experience, and proficiency. Hence, always choose an accredited Interior design company in Kolkata for reliable and quality services.


An essential point to check out while choosing an interior designing company is your budget and its charges. Interior designing is itself a costly matter. Compare the costs per square foot of various companies, and then adjust your budget accordingly. Don’t choose any company that provides a cheaper rate than the market rate. There is a high chance that they will provide low-quality products.

In Asian Interior, we provide an affordable price range. We control the cost as well as monitor the quality. We never compel any customer to choose us. You can get a free estimate on our website, compare the rate and the quality of services we provide with other companies, then select the best according to you.


We understand that the choices of different people are different. So, we are flexible enough to make our customers feel free to describe their imagination. We try to give your imagination the real form. So, choose Asian Interiors and design your place with us.


Having a place to call “my home” is an outstanding achievement. When you want someone to design it for you, it is recommended to choose a reputed Interior design company in Kolkata that can take care of your dream and your achievement with the same care as you. 

Asian Interior is one of the most reputed companies. We have worked in the field for years while completing over 200 projects.

Quality of products and services

Asian Interior is a unit of the Asian Wood Industry engaged in manufacturing and trading the best quality Sal wood, Modern Wood Door, Particle board, high-quality ply, laminates, etc. We provide the best quality products to our precious clients. We offer quotes that include written warranties on services and materials. Hence, we never compromise the quality of our products and services.

Customer review

There is nothing more important than customer reviews in any business. We have more than 200 satisfied customers who are happy with our work. You can contact them to get an appraisal before finalizing with us.


Your home is that place that reflects your personality as well as gives you peace of mind. So, choosing the appropriate Interior design company in Kolkata is essential to uplift your social standard and increase mental stability. Hence, do vivid research before selecting a suitable interior design company compatible with you. Feel free to contact us for any queries.



Spending a lot of money to design a beautiful house is not always necessary. Although they may appear stunning on Pinterest boards, expensive furniture and design items aren’t necessarily feasible for your budget. Follow this professional decorating advice from Asian Interiors, the best interior design in Kolkata, if you recently shifted into a new home and want to make it your own without sacrificing style. A home should, after all, reflect the preferences and way of life of those who live there. Therefore, the decor must be perfect.

Use organic materials in the living room Decor. 

Plants give a space a sculptural feature, and low-maintenance species are frequently available for reasonable prices. To give your living area a little more life:

  1. Look for vegetation with unique leaf forms or bright colours.
  2. Consider using a potted plant as a centrepiece on your coffee table or a hanging plant to spruce up vacant space.
  3. Choose realistic-looking faux plants if your living area lacks natural light or you’re unsure about your ability to care for plants.

Arrange the furniture in the living room

Use what you currently have to update your living room on a budget. Clean up the space, eliminate clutter, and rearrange the furniture to completely transform your living room without spending a dollar. Hire home decor companies in Kolkata like Asian Interiors, to assist you in moving furniture around until you find a plan that looks good. Make conversation-friendly groups out of the chairs and sofas.

Use Paint to Refresh Your Living Room on a Budget

A fresh coat of paint can radically change a room. Colour gives a cheap living room option that do-it-yourself decorators may quickly implement. Use it to paint walls, modernise secondhand furniture, restore worn-out floors, or highlight the architectural details of a room. Select wall colours that enhance your mood (the warmer the feeling, the deeper the tone), go well with your existing furnishings and reflect your style.

Customise the living room’s decor

Your living space can feel more special if you include items that reflect your travels, hobbies, and treasured experiences. Display ancestor photographs, framed genealogical charts, maps of your favourite locations, and collages of photos of your loved ones. An inexpensive living room decoration suggestion with home decor companies in Kolkata like us is to hang letters or signs that refer to your initials or a family surname. To keep your living room design on a budget, look to family heirlooms, hand-me-downs, or crafted goods.

Try a Few Bold Pieces of Furniture

If you want, you can furnish a stunning living room on a tight budget using only a few statement pieces. Buy furniture with eye-catching silhouettes, high-impact fabrics or finishes, or strong pops of colour. To make a splash, you need a few dramatic accents, like a vivid area rug or an eye-catching piece of wall art. For a contrasting impression, combine them with light-coloured walls, adaptable upholstered furniture, understated window treatments, and delicate decorations with the top home decor companies in Kolkata like us.

Decorate your living room on a budget and splurge

You can appreciate the more incredible things while staying on budget by using expensive materials sparingly but meaningfully. Use beautiful wallpaper as a pattern for built-in shelving or a focal point wall. Buy a leather sofa or accent chair, but go for a cheaper coffee table and a straightforward upholstered pouffe to go with it. Make pillows using expensive silks, brocades, and velvets on the front and simultaneously less costly fabric on the back

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