Different lights have a different impact on the room which makes lighting an important aspect while decorating a house. Perfection is required when it comes to lighting options as too dim and too bright can set the wrong tone for the room making it unappealing to the eyes. However, lines often get blurry in this situation as many don’t know how to navigate through a problem like this. To help solve this, Asian Interiors is here to help.
Asian Interior is a unit of the Asian Wood Industry. We are an interior designing company based in Kolkata that provides a diversified range of services from 3D designs to house remodeling and much more.
Installing LED lights in houses is the new norm for all Indian households these days. They are easy to install, energy-saving, and come in a lot of variations. Therefore, they can be the right tool to enhance the beauty of your house.
Let’s find out ways to beautify your home with LED lights:-

Living Room
ways to beautify your home with LED Lights

The living room is probably the most used room of the house. This is where the family gathers for various activities such as sitting together as a family to talk, welcoming guests, watching the television, etc. Installing LED lights on the ceiling can provide ambient and ample lighting for the room. This can be accentuated with a light on the bookshelf if there are any and lamps on the tables.

ways to beautify your home with LED Lights
Adding lights under cabinets and shelves in Kitchen ensures that they’re no shadows in the work area, i.e., near the sink and kitchen slab. These lights are efficient and simple to install. They enhance the interior show and value of the house to a great extent.


Installing LED lights in the wardrobe can sound bizarre but it is a practical thing to do if you think about it. It’ll be comfortable for you to pick out the right clothes without rummaging through them. It gives clear visibility and also adds a luxurious element to your closet.

ways to beautify your home with LED Lights

Adding lights to the mirror is a clever lighting technique as it can be highly functional. It has no problem with shadows and provides full illumination. Not to mention, the stylish classy look of the mirror can make it the focal point of your room.


There you have it. We hope that our blog helped you get rid of the doubts you had in your mind. However, if there are more things that you’re wondering about, Asian Interiors is just a call away.
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Interior design is an important part of home décor nowadays. Most people are now choosing the interior design company to decorate their house or office. Why? Ok, let’s find the answer.

Before searching for ‘why’ we should know what interior design is?

What is Interior Design?

Interior design is the art and science of recreating or decorating a home or an office in order to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the owner. It is the mixture of textile, color, and space in the right proportion.

Interior design company in Kolkata involves the work of contractors, architects, engineers, craftsmen, furniture dealers and owners.

Features of interior design

As we now know what interior design is, come let’s have a look at the features of an Interior design company in Kolkata that are vital for any scheme:

Space and Balance: The most important factor of interior design is the space.  Anyone can place the furniture in their room according to their convenience. Interior design means utilising the space keeping in mind the owner’s convenience and balancing to maximise the space.  

Check the website of the interior designing company with whom you want to work with to see if they are balancing the use of spaces.

Pattern and Texture: Pattern and textures are two things that can create a big difference in the look of your place. Mixing textures and patterns and contrasting them add to the aesthetic effect of the room.

If you go through the website of the interior designing companies, you can witness their work with pattern and texture.

Light: The Interior design company in Kolkata uses both natural light and that artificial light with window arrangement, mirror placement etc. This is a vital field of work; interior designers are trained to create with professionalism.

Color: Color is another vital part of interior design. Using the proper color can make the room look larger, smaller, wider, etc. color also affects the light of the room.

Scale and proportion: By using the above-mentioned factors in proper proportion and perfect scale, the interior designing company creates beautiful art that increases peace of mind and the pleasure of the eyes.

Emphasis: Let the interior designer know where you want to emphasise. That might be any room or any furniture or colour, texture etc. They will create your room in the same way you want to.

Contrast: Contrasting colours, textures, patterns, and light is the amusing features of interior design. It makes an exclusive effect on the look of the room

Why is the demand for interior design increasing?

As time passes the demand is increasing rapidly. There are many reasons behind the popularity of the Interior design company in Kolkata.

The reasons are as follows:

It maximises space: As time passes by the place for living decreases, which brings the increasing demand for interior design. They recreate the small place into a bigger place so that we could utilise those space

It reduces budget: As we have already gone through the fact that interior design companies involve almost every department, it reduces the budget.

It reduces your workload: When you choose an interior designing company, the two things you need to do is to select the proper company and to make them understand what you want from them. The rest is their responsibility. They will do their best to serve you the best, in their own interest. Because they know the value of reputation.

It increases mental peace: One of the main reasons why people tend to choose the Interior design company in Kolkata is to increase mental peace. An interior designer knows how to increase the aesthetic effect of your place. They do it in such a way that you will love your place more than ever.


The interior design of a house can transform the art of living into the art of love. The only important thing to do is to select the proper interior design company.

In recent times, homeowners have grown to realize the importance that their house’s ceiling and floor hold in the overall aesthetic and value of their house. Many homeowners are even thoughtfully choosing the right flooring material for their houses but often fall short of options because they are not aware of all the options available in the market. To make this job a bit easier for you, Asian interiors is here to help.
Asian interiors is an interior designing company based in West Bengal. We offer a diverse range of services ranging from modular kitchen design to residential designs and even commercial designs. We firmly believe in creating happiness through design.

When it comes to flooring options, there are several choices available in the market. With ten years of experience, Asian interiors have curated a list of a few of the best flooring ideas for your house. Let’s get started!

flooring idea for your house 1

Tiles are the most common flooring options found in Indian households. It is a go-to option for most homeowners and interior designers while designing a house as it has a lot of benefits. These styles are available at low cost and can even be cut according to a customer demand made by the homeowner. They are comparatively cheaper as compared to other flooring options on the list. Apart from this, tiles are water and frost-resistant which makes them highly durable outdoors as well as in kitchen areas to avoid the risk of mold. Since tiles are artificially made, they are also available in multiple patterns and colors. If homeowners are looking for uniformity in terms of color and patterns available, tiles would be an ideal option to choose from.

flooring idea for your house 2

For homeowners looking for a flooring option that is high-end and provides a luxurious feel to the house, hardwood flooring can be the right option for them. Hardwood flooring can be extremely durable if they are maintained well with due consideration given to factors like moisture and humidity. When it comes to design and shades, hardwood flooring can offer a diverse range from shades such as cherry to two-tone and designs such as planks and strips. You can even choose which wood to use for your floorings like Oak, Pine, and much more.

flooring ideas for your house 3

The laminate flooring option is the best alternative for homeowners looking for hardwood flooring but has a tighter budget. Laminate flooring is much cheaper as compared to hardwood flooring. When it comes to durability, it is a good choice as it is scratch-free and easy to clean. However, similar to hardwood flooring, moisture and humidity has to be taken into account as the flooring could swell up in extreme cases.


Marble flooring is one of the flooring options which is naturally occurring in nature. You would think that since it’s naturally occurring it would be cheaper, however, this is not the case. In recent times, it has become costlier. Nevertheless, the cost is justified because of its benefits. Marble flooring is easy to maintain, easy to clean, and highly long-lasting. It can also be available in multiple tones too.

Parting Words

We hope that the curated list helped you in deciding which flooring option is the best for your house. If you still have your doubts, do not worry because Asian Interiors is just a call away!
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As time passes, our living space diminishes. We have to adjust ourselves to limited space. The concept of a yard in front of a house becomes prehistoric. Besides decreasing areas, our time to look after the house also decreases. It becomes difficult for us to keep our big house clean always. Added on factor is ecology.

All these problems get one solution named Interior Design. The best home interior designer in Kolkata helps us elevate our lifestyle and effectively improve the space in our home, making the best use of the available places. They also recreate the big old rooms of our ancient house buildings so that we have to spend less time cleaning up the house. Also, they are experts in maintaining the ecology of the place.

Interior designers have become an essential part of modern times. They make our lifestyle comfortable, stylish and fashionable by mixing elegance in the right proportion. Choosing the right interior designer partner is a significant and critical decision. Finding someone who can understand your imagination and give it a natural form is difficult.

Let us find the best home interior designer in Kolkata for you.


While choosing an interior designer, talk to them unequivocally about your requirements. If you have any specifications, tell them about them. Remember, they cannot know your necessity unless you tell them.


While talking to an interior design company, check their flexibility. That is how flexible they are in working with you. They might have their expertise and would like to do the job independently. On the other hand, you might have some design in your mind, therefore, see how flexible they are to adopt your proposal. If they stick to their scheme, choose someone else.


While contacting any interior designing company, check how qualified their designers are. Whether they have done any course or not. Only ideas are not enough for perfect interior decoration. The concept of measurement and technical detailing is essential, which can be achieved through training only. So studying technical skills is very important.


Check the portfolio of the Interior designer. The best home interior designer in Kolkata will have a polished portfolio that will help to decide whether to choose them or not.


Go through the interior designer company’s website. Read the reviews and their response to them. It will facilitate your decision.

Quality of Products

While talking to the interior designers, talk about the qualities of the products they will give. The reviews sometimes give you an idea of the quality. Tell them to decide the budget properly. Quality should not be compromised because of budget.


Last but not least, the most important factor while choosing an interior design company is the budget. Compare the pricing and the product quality, then decide whether you can afford it, and choose the proper interior designer for you. Remember, there is no conflict of the best with the cost. You can find the best home interior designer in Kolkata in your budget.

Importance of Interior Design

Interior design does not only allow you to live your life aesthetically, but also it helps you in the following way:

  • Adds functionality to the residence
  • It fits the inhabitant’s lifestyle
  • Cost-effective
  • Look after the safety measure
  • Good interior design is easy to maintain
  • Increase resale value

 Concluding Lines

Home is your place of peace. It makes you ready for the battle of life. So, by giving it an aesthetic touch, you can increase your working capacity. Choose the best home interior designer in Kolkata to accelerate your lifestyle.

Art plays a crucial role in the decor of your space. It adds life and exuberance to a space. It is an effective way to bring your house together and elevate the aesthetic of your space. However, if not used in the right way, it can drop the aesthetic of the place majorly.
To understand the importance of art in an interior design better, Asian Interiors has created a list for the same.
Asian Interiors is an interior designing firm based in Kolkata. We specialize in home remodeling, home designing as well as commercial designing.
Let’s get started on the importance of art in interior design:-

Adds Texture to a Space
lighting tips

Art can range from paintings to sculptures to digital art. Incorporating these elements into the decor of your house will add texture and depth to the room. They can also help set the vibe of a room such as homely, sleek, and much more.

Creates a Focal Point

The focal point is a point that grabs the attention of the person entering the room. It is the center of attention. Art can be greatly used as this focal point. Adding in a painting or a 3D design will immediately get your guest hooked to the room. Keep in mind that the sizing is adequate and not too big or small. Take proper measurements before getting and/or hanging your artwork.

Allows You to Express Yourself

Art has always been a great method to express one’s self. This also holds for your home decor. You can always add elements to your house in the form of art pieces to make it a true reflection of you. This can include a sculpture, your paintings, or even a poster of your favorite band! Just add something that speaks to you and your creative side.

Makes a room look finished

Adding art to your room and hanging up wall art is truly the last step for a finished room. It completes the room and brings it together. Even as the finishing step, art holds major importance as it can transform the space completely from being monotonous to lively!


There is no doubt about it that art holds extreme importance and should be used properly. The part to pay attention to is to get the art that fits the aesthetic of the room well. In addition to this, also pay attention to not going overboard by hoarding a ton of art pieces as that too can be distasteful for the room.
We hope that you liked our blogs. If you’re interested in elevating your house through 3D designs or furniture fixtures, contact us to know more about the same!

Designing Kids’room can be very different than designing a normal room. While a normal bedroom for an adult can require sophistication and chic designs, designing kids’ room can pose a unique challenge in itself. To ease this problem of yours, Asian Interiors is here to help!
Asian Interiors is a leading interior designing firm that specializes in 3D Art, furniture fixtures, civil work, and much more.
Let’s figure out how to design a Kids’ Bedroom:-

Bright Colors
designing kids' bedroom

Choose bright and peppy colors or patterns for the kids’ bedroom to keep the youthful vibe of the room intact. You can use your child’s favorite color too. Use these color themes on the bedsheets, rugs, and curtains. You can even introduce wallpapers with cartoon characters to make the children fall in love with their bedroom!

Smart Storage
designing kids' bedroom

Make use of space in the maximum way possible without overdoing it by hoarding unnecessary stuff. Be innovative with it. Make use of shelves and cupboards. You can even invest in a storage bed for extra storage. Allocate and organize different areas for different things. This can even help them inculcate the habit of returning things to where they took them from.

Rug that floor!

Rugs and Carpets can be a great addition to your kid’s bedroom. They can be soft matting for them to crawl and play on. Importantly, choose the removable ones so that they can be cleaned easily without much of a hassle.

Separate Work and Play Zones

Separate work and play zones. Try to introduce a study table which can be a place for the kids to study on. Make sure that the study table has enough shelves and drawers to store the kids’ books, stationery, and other study-related items. They can also have separate boxes and cupboards for their toys and board games. This segregation of work and play zones can help them become more organized.

Use pictures as décor

Childhood Pictures can be smartly used as décor. By doing this kids will remember they’re happy and memorable moments. To use pictures as décor, you can place them in traditional photo frames or trendy polaroid forms.


While you take the above tips into account, make sure you also take into account the interests and tastes of your child as that will enhance their interest and love for their room more. As it is also a room that they will be sleeping in, therefore try to incorporate soft lighting as well as make the room as cozy as possible.
We hope you liked our blog!

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